Positive Power of Principled Profit, July 2009

–> Positive Power Spotlight: U.S. Cellular: “Ethics Pays”
Our new book, The Pursuit of Something Better, tells the unlikely story of how a little-known, mid-sized wireless carrier – U.S. Cellular – transformed itself into a competitive terror admired by customers, employees, and investors alike on a platform of values. In an industry not known for its high ethical standards, U.S. Cellular made ethics its calling card; over the past nine years, at a time when much of American industry was in a profits-at-any-cost mode that would ultimately prove disastrous, this company has demonstrated that acting ethically can be a powerful competitive advantage. Click here to continue reading: http://tinyurl.com/pp0709

–> Another Recommended Book: The Pursuit of Something Better
Can a mediocre company (whose main USP is dominance of markets too small for others to bother with) transform into something truly great? If U.S. Cellular’s experience is any indication, the answer is a very strong yes. It isn’t easy, quick, or cheap–in fact… Click here to continue reading: http://tinyurl.com/pp0709

–> My Quandary = Your Opportunity
You might have heard that the rights to my award-winning sixth book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, got picked up by John Wiley & Sons, and it forms the basis for my eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson). Wiley will publish it in 2010. But my problem is… my contract with Wiley forces me to stop selling Principled Profit by the end of this year. And I still have quite a few left. This was a groundbreaking book when it came out–one of the only voices showing that ethical business not only made good moral sense, but good business sense as well. To put it another way, Principled Profit shows you how to find the *value* in your *values.* So I’ve got a deal for you! Find out more and learn how you can get a discount on Principled Profit plus two bonuses! http://tinyurl.com/pp0709

–> Friends Who Want to Help, July 2009
* Most books about sales don’t talk much about *the emotions of the salesperson* and how they affect the sales process. I took a look at, 30 year top producer Paula Pagano’s new book Secrets of a Top Salesperson – How Emotions Make or Break the Sale, and was instantly taken her with raw honesty and heartfelt humor about the emotional journey of succeeding in sales. Buy a copy of Paula’s book during the launch promotion, and you will instantly receive several hundred dollars of bonus gifts from experts-workbooks, audio materials, and coaching-including free sales coaching by Paula a well as a special gift from me.
* ProfitMart, created by brothers Rick and Ron Davies, allows anyone to get started with affiliate marketing. It’s a system that helps you generate traffic and turn it into affiliate commissions. They’ll install the system for you and help you get up and running in 24 hours or less without worrying about the technical side of creating a website or setting up affiliate links. I haven’t personally used this system or reviewed it yet, but Ron is a friend and so I’m sharing this with you.
* Note: George Kao social media workshop is postponed to the fall. Details to follow next month.

Some of the opportunities mentioned may pay commissions. If you’d like to know if a particular program is commissionable, you’re welcome to ask us.

–> New Web Portal Puts All of Shel’s Stuff in One Place
Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: have a single page that lets people sort themselves out according to what you’re looking for and how I can help. With over a dozen websites, it was getting pretty complicated. This page starts with several options for types of services, continues to a website directory, and then has a bio and contact options. Would love to hear what you think of it. http://shelhorowitz.com/

–> Media Coverage of Shel, May and June ‘09
* An Associated Press story that quoted me about a la carte vs. full-service public relations ran in USA Today, BNET.com, and Examiner.com, among other places.
* Writing, networking, and/or publishing tips on West Coast Writers blog SPAWN’s newsletter (members only), CommonSenzComm blog, Ask Wendy–The Query Queen,
* Full-page Q&A interview on social media for Our Blook.
* Dafna Michelson is traveling to every state in the U.S., interviewing people who are making a difference in some way. I was one of seven people chosen to represent Massachusetts. The text is posted, and she’s promised to post video as well.
* Kare Anderson featured my story of how a giving attitude led to my next book contract, on the How We Partner blog.
* Blog Talk Radio interviews on book marketing: with Astrid Stromberg in the U.K., and another show with Deidre Hughey on AuthorBuzz. This was a repeat appearance on Astrid’s show; she’d had me on a few weeks earlier to talk about business ethics.
* Another radio show on ethics: the nationally syndicated Midweek Politics with David Pakman (I’m 17 minutes and 46 seconds into this one-hour show).
* Toilet Paper Entrepreneur quoted me on success versus failure.
* My frugal dating segment on ABC News has aired several times. Still waiting for the other segments we taped.
* Also frugal dating tips for the Hattiesburg (MS) American, and a frugal travel tip on homestay organizations for Explore Howard County, an online publication from a newspaper in Maryland. And even an interview in an article about local alternative currencies for The Morning News (Springdale, AR)–I used to be on the Board of our local currency, back in the day.

–> Hear & Meet Shel
* Principled Profit: The Good Business Radio Show, alternate Mondays, 4 p.m. Eastern, over ValleyFreeRadio.org (in the Northampton, MA area, 103.3 FM).
* The Africa speaking tour is not happening in July, but may be possible for January. If you have any contacts who could come aboard as sponsors, please let me know
* Shel addresses the Holyoke, MA Rotary Club Tuesday, August 11, Noon ET
* If you’re in Western Massachusetts and want to see some amazing art, my stepfather, Michihiro Yoshida, is having another one-man show at the Burnett Gallery, Jones Library, Amherst.
* Paulette Ensign’s Publishing Prosperity Mastermind

–> Which of Shel’s Books is Right for You?

–> New on the Sites, July 2009

–> Administrative Information
Subscribe, unsubscribe, back issues, etc.

Click here to continue reading: http://tinyurl.com/pp0709

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