Effective Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day–No-cost Teleseminar 9/22

Social Media & Webinar Expert George Kao: No-Charge Teleseminar on Success with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook in 15 Minutes Per Day — Please Mark Your Calendar for Tuesday, September 22, 5 PM Eastern/2 PM Pacific.

If you do one learning call this year, this might be the one to be on: Hands-on social media strategy call with George Kao, who is 10 times more knowledgeable about social media than I am (and I’ve been writing about social media since 1991 and actively marketing through it since 1995, so I’m not exactly a slouch), Tuesday, Sept. 22, 5 pm ET/ 2 PM PT. Register (no cost): http://georgekao.com/922s

Over the summer, I listened to *three* of his calls and was completely blown away. He has probably forgotten more than I’ve ever learned. Even the notes he provides on the call are actually more in-depth and useful than many entire books on social media; I’ve printed them out and keep in a file for reference, and that’s not something I do for many calls.

George, in addition to being an extremely smart guy, is a very giving person, an instinctive connector of others, and an excellent teacher–as well as an extremely ethical and successful businessman with great personal values and tremendous business value. In fact, he was an administrator for the biggest Sustainability MBA program in the US). If you’re at all curious about Facebook, Twitter, and other social media–or if you’ve been using these tools and not seeing the results you’re looking for– you WANT to be on this call!

He’s also incredibly organized and prepared, and makes everything comprehensible without being overwhelming.

Just to give you an idea: a few months back, he tagged several people in a Facebook post whom he respected in the dog-eat-dog world of marketing (I’m proud that I was one of them)–in such a way that it was only natural for those of us cited to network with each other. I developed a very important connection through that action of his.

Another result of this interaction was that I asked George if he’d do a call for my list, and then I brought in my friend Allison Nazarian to co-host the call because I felt George needed a bigger audience than I alone could bring him. So Allison and I will be co-facilitating, and probably taking lots of notes.

So whether you’ve been wanting to try social media to grow your business but didn’t know where to start, playing around with these networks but felt it was stealing all your time, or just want to communicate more effectively with family members a generation or two after you, this will be an hour very well spent.

I participate in a lot of teleclasses, but this one is special. Again, if you only pick one teleclass to attend in the next few months, make it this one. http://georgekao.com/922s (if it takes you to the middle of the page, just scroll back up).

PS: If you can’t make the call, there *will* be a replay available –but it will cost $80. So if you *can* make it to the live call, that’s your much more affordable option, at zero cost.

Shel Horowitz, 16 Barstow Lane, Hadley, MA 01035, United States

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