Positive Power of Principled Profit, October 2009

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–> Positive Power Spotlight, October 2009: Starlight Llama B&B
Several months ago, I had Dee Boyle-Clapp, co-owner of Starlight
Llama Bed & Breakfast in Florence, MA, as a guest on my radio
show. Prior to the show, she sent me a marvelous list of the
Green steps she and her husband have taken with the inn, and the
list so inspired me that I put it in my Future Positive Power
Spotlight file.
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–> Another Recommended Book: Integration Marketing by Mark Joyner
In the new approach to marketing that I discuss in my
award-wining sixth book Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts
People First, one of the cornerstones is building partnerships
with others who can market for you. Mark Joyner has taken this
principle and essentially…
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–> My Quandary = Your Opportunity
You might have heard that the rights to my award-winning sixth
book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, got
picked up by John Wiley & Sons, and it forms the basis for my
eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (co-authored with Jay
Conrad Levinson). The new book will include all but, I think, two
chapters of Principled Profit, plus some 20-25,000 words of new
material. Wiley will publish it in 2010. I’m especially proud
of this because, following an e-mail introduction by one of
Wiley’s business authors, I landed the deal and negotiated the
contract myself. But my problem is…my contract with Wiley
forces me to stop selling Principled Profit by the end of this
year. And I still have quite a few left. This was a
groundbreaking book when it came out–one of the only voices
showing that ethical business not only made good moral sense, but
good business sense as well. While there are more resources in
this area than there used to be, it’s still really hard to find
this sort of solid, practical advice on both the theory and the
implementation, in a nice, easy-to-read format that anyone can
put into practice. So I’ve got a deal for you! Want a copy for
yourself? Take $5 off the original $17.50 price. Visit
http://snipurl.com/kdq1j to order this remarkable book. Just
visit and enter the right code:
GET5OFF – $5 off one copy
GET10OFF2 – $10 off two copies
GET15OFF3 – $15 off three copies
With any of these three coupon codes, you’ll also receive my
two newest e-books free with your purchase. Get all the details

–> Hear & Meet Shel
* Marc Grant interviews me about business ethics this
Thursday, 11 a.m. ET.
* Guest on Kim Smith’s Blog Talk Radio show,
“Introducing Writers” – listen to the audio at
* A book marketing teleseminar aimed especially for
speakers: as part of her monthly membership program, Susan Levin
from SpeakerServices interviews me on “Marketing Your Book
Beyond the [speaking] Platform,” Thursday, October 29, 7 pm
ET/4 p.m. PT. I exhibited at one of Susan’s life events a few
years ago and I thought it was one of the best organized
conferences I’ve ever been at, with top-name faculty and the
most vendor-friendly attitude I’ve ever experienced (we vendors
even got to attend all the sessions as part of our sign-up fee).
* Negotiating with meeting planners in Africa for January,
Switzerland for February. Nothing definite. If you have a lead on
a paying gig in or near Switzerland, I would pay a nice
commission if it materializes.
* March 24, I’m doing a teleseminar for Stacy Karacostas.
* April 25, I’ll be speaking on collaborating with a
co-author at the American Society of Journalists and Authors
conference in New York.
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–> Friends Who Want to Help
* I’ve long been a believer in the incredible positive
benefits of being a “giver”; it’s something I’ve talked
about in Principled Profit and elsewhere. So I was delighted to
discover a book built entirely around this concept. The book, The
Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us All reveals
strategies and secrets of people who possess true wealth and
happiness: making the world a better place, which has the side
benefit of bringing a great deal back to you–but only if your
giving stems from sincerity rather than selfishness. I was also
quite impressed with the authors’ philosophy — and with their
commitment to give away 100% of the royalties they receive.
I’ve poked into several sections of the book and have found
gems all the way through.
* Are you a blogger, marketer, or entrepreneur? You may have
heard that last Monday, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission came
out with a new set of guidelines that require disclosures from
bloggers and affiliates and that appear to change the game when
it comes to using results-based testimonials. Marcia Yudkin, one
of the smartest people I know (I first met her when she was a
professor at Smith College, more than 20 years ago), is
interviewing business attorney and author Jean Sifleet on exactly
what the new FTC regulations mean and do not mean for bloggers,
copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs. Anyone who registers
ahead of time has the opportunity to submit a question for the
interview. The quality of Marcia’s information tends to be
superb, and I’m sure she’s chosen well to explain this
complex and very important new rule. The call should be available
on or around October 30, and you can register to purchase the
recording in either MP3 or CD (choose at the bottom of her page),
for $39.97–and submit any questions ahead of time, so they
might be chosen for the call.
* Author 101 University Rick Frishman is doing another
Author101 University, Oct 30 & 31 in Las Vegas.
* A Search Tool That’s Better than Google? How about one
that delivers your choice of results from Google, Yahoo, MSN,
Yelp, Wikipedia and various other places-and displays results
before you even click? Try it yourself at on our search page –
click where it says “Say Hello to Search 2.0?” and start
typing your query.
* Sokule (pronounced so-cool) is a cool new Twitter-like
social network offering some revenue possibilities.
* This is by far the cheapest program on how to become a #1
bestseller that I’ve ever seen. 9 audios, plus support
materials and bonuses. I have not personally reviewed the
material but I did look at the scope of what it covers, seems
like a lot of good info. Again, I haven’t listened–just
sharing the information.
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Some of the opportunities mentioned may pay commissions. If
you’d like to know if a particular program is commissionable,
you’re welcome to ask us.

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–> New on the Sites, October, 2009

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