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Positive Power of Principled Profit, November 2009

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-> A Life-Changing $11.95 Gift for the Entrepreneurs in Your Life
A one-time deep-discount (minimum 32 percent) offer from now
through December 31 that WILL NOT be repeated, ever. And the
more you buy, the bigger the discount, all the way down to 77
percent, in case quantities. Your perfect chance to snap up inexpensive
but extremely valuable gifts for business owners, key staff,
colleagues, and customers. This may be the perfect gift for the
entrepreneurs and marketers in your life, especially those
who’ve been hit hard by the recession. Imagine a roadmap to business
success that shows how to…
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-> Very Important: The Sustainability of My Newsletters-Please Read
Don’t panic-I’m not getting rid of the newsletters. But I
*am* changing the business model. Please read on for the
reasons why, the important details of what happens next, and how you
can participate most effectively for your own needs.
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–> Positive Power Spotlight: Neighborhood Fruit/RideBuzz
As a long time “Green evangelist,” I’ve always been a big
fan of clearinghouses that reduce waste and let people share
resources. It’s better for the planet, better for the
pocketbook, and better for building community. This month, I’m
going to share two such initiatives from opposite ends of the
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–> Another Recommended Book: Trust Agents: Using the Web to
Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust
Of the dozen or so books I’ve read on Internet-based
communities (and their application for marketing), Trust Agents
stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. Normally when I review
a book, I take a page of notes, maybe two. In the smallest
handwriting I can still read, I had more than half a page by the
time I got to the end of Chapter 1! By the time I was done, I had
four full pages.
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-> Hear & Meet Shel, November 2009
* If you’re a consultant or business coach or you’ve had
a desire to become one, then you’ll be excited to know that
tomorrow, David Frey and Elsom Eldridge are kicking off the
week-long no-cost Consulting Masters Telesummit. It starts on
Monday, November 16th. The interview that I contributed to this
event describes how to get raving testimonials for your
consulting business even if you’re just starting out.
* Environmental journalist Diane Tegarden interviews me
December 8, 1 pm ET/10 a.m. ET, for her monthly 30-minute
Renewable Energy Radio Show (I imagine we’ll be talking both
about Painless Green on the consumer side and Guerrilla
Marketing Goes Green on the business side). Listen in: 712-338-8710,
PIN number 618#
* March 24, I’m doing a teleseminar for Stacy Karacostas:
stacy (at)
* April 25, I’ll be speaking on collaborating with a
co-author at the American Society of Journalists and Authors
conference in New York.

-> Friends Who Want to Help, November 2009
* Who would have thunk it? The brilliant and quirky New Zealand
marketer Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics is *giving away* one of
his $2500 courses! I’ve signed up for this one myself, and the
link I’m giving you is not an affiliate link. I’ve learned
considerably more from Sean’s freebie newsletter over the years
than I have from most of the hundreds of marketing books I’ve
read. Go sign up at before
he closes this offer (the opt-in form is waaaay at the bottom).
* In Beyond the Crisis, Futurologist Adjiedj Bakas explains the
natural flow of the economy with ups and downs. Researching
economical, technological, cultural and spiritual trends all over
the world, he envisions a way out of the current economic mess:
“Boom after Doom,” yet a totally different kind of Boom than
we used to know. He’s sold more than 500,000 copies of his
books, in more than 40 countries, in several languages–and he
not only appears frequently in major media, he’s also gotten
endorsements from Stedman Graham, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and a
number of other high-powered people. Lots and lots of bonuses
(over $6000 worth) on this big launch.
* Liz Lynch has an EASY, fast and effective way to build your
network… online and offline: For
starters, she has 74 networking gifts for you in a special
limited time gift basket, no purchase necessary. I’ve looked at
her book and it’s solid, practical advice. Yes, you can find
similar wisdom scattered around the Net, but it’s nice to get
it all in one place.
* Kathleen Gage has another no-cost teleseminar for you, on
November 19. Topic: Build A Sustainable Six Figure A Year Online
* Does “selling” feel like an icky, sticky, dirty word, to
you? It does to a lot of people but without sales, your business
will fail-leaving you feeling awful and depriving your prospects
of a needed resource! Don’t let that happen to you! Listen to a
replay call, “Stop Selling and Start Sharing: Learn How Your
Marketing Can Be Authentic, Be Effective and Change the World!”
Suzanne Evans, of Help More People, promises to “de-ick the
sales conversation for you once and for all.” Visit this page
to hear the replay. Since I write about similar ideas in my
award-winning sixth book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts
People First, I’ve very much looking forward to seeing what she
has to say.
* One of the books I’ve been reading recently is Overcomers,
Inc: a collection of experiences from *38* different authors on
how they overcame adversity. Some of the stories are openly
religious, others come from a completely different place. The
launch promotion is already under way, and includes a bonus
package from 95 different experts including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Janet
Atwood, and Joe Nunziata. If you need a big dose of inspiration
as the weather turns dreary, maybe this will be your personal
cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder (joke).
* If you’ve followed me for a long time, you know that
participation in online discussion groups has been the single
best marketing tool for going from a tiny shop with a small local
clientele (branching out from writing resumes to doing press
releases, book covers, web page copy, and the like) to being
internationally known as a copywriter, book shepherd, marketing
and publishing consultant, and speaker. Mohit Kumar has launched
a new no-cost Internet portal, Tweble, that tracks over a million
discussions online form around the world. What a cool concept!
Great for tracking stories and trends you can comment on or need
to know about. Oh yeah, and if you own a forum, there are some
revenue-sharing possibilities in the future. If you get value out
of places like Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon, check out
* I’ve long been a believer in the incredible positive
benefits of being a “giver”; it’s something I’ve talked
about in Principled Profit and elsewhere. So I was delighted to
discover a book built entirely around this concept. The book, The
Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us All reveals
strategies and secrets of people who possess true wealth and
happiness: making the world a better place, which has the side
benefit of bringing a great deal back to you-but only if your
giving stems from sincerity rather than selfishness. I was also
quite impressed with the authors’ philosophy – and with their
commitment to give away 100% of the royalties they receive.
I’ve poked into several sections of the book and have found
gems all the way through.
* A Search Tool That’s Better than Google? How about one that
delivers your choice of results from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Yelp,
Wikipedia and various other places-and displays results before
you even click? Try it yourself on our search page – click
where it says “Say Hello to Search 2.0?” and start typing
your query.
* Sokule (pronounced so-cool) is a cool new Twitter-like social
network offering some revenue possibilities.
* This is by far the cheapest program on how to become a #1
bestseller that I’ve ever seen. 9 audios, plus support
materials and bonuses. I have not personally reviewed the
material but I did look at the scope of what it covers, seems
like a lot of good info. Again, I haven’t listened-just sharing
the information.
Some of the opportunities mentioned pay a commission to Shel.
Shel maintains high quality standards for mention in this column,
and has either personally vetted the product, experienced
previous products of top quality from the provider, or mentions
in the write-up that he hasn’t seen it. Many products get
turned down if they don’t meet these criteria. If you’d like
to know if a particular program is commissionable, you’re
welcome to ask us.

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More ways to take action with The Co-operative

Logo: The Co-operative Bank, Insurance, Investments Logo: Customers Who Care Campaigns

Dear campaigner

Our parent business, The Co-operative, supports a number of campaigns in addition to our current fight against Toxic Fuels. Here are a couple we think you might like to get involved with:

Join The Wave: London, Saturday 5 December

Picture: People with blue-painted palms holding up their hands. © Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

Between 2006 and 2008, you helped us campaign for a strong Climate Change Bill, as part of Friends of the Earth’s ‘The Big Ask’, which resulted in the Climate Change Act 2008. This December, we need you to help us put the heat on the world’s leaders.

On Saturday 5 December, ahead of the crucial UN climate change talks in Copenhagen, thousands of people will be joining The Wave, a family friendly climate change march in central London, organised by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

The Co-operative is supporting The Wave to call for an ambitious global climate change deal that is safe and fair.

Join us. You can
book subsidised transport to London using campaign code CWC1_THEWAVE. Or, if you make your own way there, find out how to
march with us on the day. Find out
more about The Wave.

For those living in Scotland, The Wave is also taking place in Glasgow.
Find out more.

Who says there’s no Plan Bee?

Bees pollinate a third of the food we eat, and this contributes £200 million a year to the UK economy. However, bee populations across the globe are severely declining. In the UK, a fifth of bees were lost in the winter of 2008/09.

Earlier this year The Co-operative launched Plan Bee, a 10-point plan including action on pesticides, research funding and empowering people to take action in their own gardens.

Logo: Plan Bee.

Sign our petition

The Co-operative is petitioning the UK Government for research into the impact of pesticides on bees.

To date, £10 million has been set aside to fund research into the causes of the declining bee population in the UK. As yet, no commitment has been made to fund research into the potential effects of pesticides, despite growing anecdotal evidence that this may be a factor.

Please help us –
sign the petition. Find out
what else The Co-operative is doing for bees and
how to get involved.

We’ll be in touch soon with more campaigns news.

Thank you

Campaigns team

The Co-operative Bank, Insurance and Investments

Logo: Part of The co-operative financial services.

Why Are Ethical Policies Essential For An Organization?

Everything has to be carried out, following some rules and regulations, in an organization. These rules and regulations help in making sure that all those who are employed work in an organized and co-ordinated manner, in order to reach the goals of the organization. Every organization has exclusive rules and regulations, which have to be followed by all its members.

But, these rules and regulations, known as policies, are not only restricted to the co-ordination of employees. Actually, rules and regulations for the code of conduct of the employees with each other, their customers and the outsiders also exist.

With the impossibility to survive having only one person, an organization needs other members to make joint efforts in order to achieve its goals. These organization members have to communicate with one another and the outside world; therefore, appropriate rules and regulations have to be developed, so that members can learn how to interact among themselves and with outsiders, by consulting these guidelines.

Ethical policy is the name given to these rules and regulations, which are used to govern the behaviour and interaction of members of an organization with the outside world and amongst them. Ethical policy is necessary for every organization as without this policy, there is no fixed outline for the behaviour of the members, and each individual will act on his own accord and thus, create a communicational disharmony in the organization.

In case of an organization carrying out the business of investment financing, handling hundreds of customers every day, an adequate ethical policy is required to monitor the behaviour of the employees with the customers; it also governs the activities of the company in reference to its customers.

The ethical policy has a direct impact on the investment of the customers in the company, as the objective of a company with a limited ethical policy is to have its employees deal with customers in such a way so as to influence them via their services; thus, the consequence is more customers and obviously, more investment.

According to the ethical policy, the actions of the company and operations are decided upon. If a company has an ethical policy that implies that customers will be their first priority, with the organization not allowing operations violating basic rights of their customers to occur, the company will definitely be more successful than a company having a weak ethical policy. An example would be: the ethical policy of an investment company would decide if the company would appropriately utilise the money invested. Moreover, the use of the money and its safety with the organization is referred to by the ethical policy.

Therefore, an ethical policy is necessary to ensure smooth operation of an organization and its acceptance and goodwill among its customers. A company with a weak ethical policy, which is easily violated, will not be able to secure such a position in the market that can ensure its success and progress.

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