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Dear campaigner

Our parent business, The Co-operative, supports a number of campaigns in addition to our current fight against Toxic Fuels. Here are a couple we think you might like to get involved with:

Join The Wave: London, Saturday 5 December

Picture: People with blue-painted palms holding up their hands. © Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

Between 2006 and 2008, you helped us campaign for a strong Climate Change Bill, as part of Friends of the Earth’s ‘The Big Ask’, which resulted in the Climate Change Act 2008. This December, we need you to help us put the heat on the world’s leaders.

On Saturday 5 December, ahead of the crucial UN climate change talks in Copenhagen, thousands of people will be joining The Wave, a family friendly climate change march in central London, organised by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

The Co-operative is supporting The Wave to call for an ambitious global climate change deal that is safe and fair.

Join us. You can
book subsidised transport to London using campaign code CWC1_THEWAVE. Or, if you make your own way there, find out how to
march with us on the day. Find out
more about The Wave.

For those living in Scotland, The Wave is also taking place in Glasgow.
Find out more.

Who says there’s no Plan Bee?

Bees pollinate a third of the food we eat, and this contributes £200 million a year to the UK economy. However, bee populations across the globe are severely declining. In the UK, a fifth of bees were lost in the winter of 2008/09.

Earlier this year The Co-operative launched Plan Bee, a 10-point plan including action on pesticides, research funding and empowering people to take action in their own gardens.

Logo: Plan Bee.

Sign our petition

The Co-operative is petitioning the UK Government for research into the impact of pesticides on bees.

To date, £10 million has been set aside to fund research into the causes of the declining bee population in the UK. As yet, no commitment has been made to fund research into the potential effects of pesticides, despite growing anecdotal evidence that this may be a factor.

Please help us –
sign the petition. Find out
what else The Co-operative is doing for bees and
how to get involved.

We’ll be in touch soon with more campaigns news.

Thank you

Campaigns team

The Co-operative Bank, Insurance and Investments

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