Aeroturbines For Generating Energy – New Technology Solving Windmill Problems

If you live in in Holland, it is nothing new to see wind mills and wind turbines of old and new technology. This is partially because they have a constant resource, wind.

A new kid on the block is coming our for regions where steady wind is not an abundant, nor a perpetual source. This advancement in wind turbine technology is called the aeroturbine.

Windmills or wind turbines are fantastic for very windy areas of the world. Cities and towns near oceans do quite well with regard to harnessing wind energy to turn into electricity. The aeroturbines however, have addressed some of the problems with windmill engineering. The noise that has been generated is greatly reduced significantly, and these new models all but eliminate any threat to birds which often fall victim to the gigantic blades of the wind turbine.

With the wind turbine, there is also the issue of harnessing wind on the top of high buildings. They cannot be placed here due to the of the enormity of the systems as well as the cost involved.

This new design is a double-helix wind turbine. This has been designed to be placed on the tops of tall buildings to glean energy from the wind. The propellers are different from the large blades of turbines. They are some what like the electric egg-beater if you were trying to describe the look of the propeller to someone. They are harmless for birds, can harness wind from many directions, and unusual gusts will still be useful for the generation of energy.

These units are not expected to be high maintenance and a large selling feature is that they are cost effective and ease of production. Also, aeroturbines are not be inhibited by snowfall. This will make them valuable in areas where snow is a major factor most of the year. A wind of around 6 miles per hour will start one generating and there is no need for a uninterrupted wind. Aeroturbines also have a characteristic which will regulate them during high winds should the turbine begin going into over-speed mode.

Aeroturbines can be set up to be integrated with solar PV (photovoltaic) systems. They are able to be installed vertically or horizontally. This means they can be integrated easily into any existing structure. The efficiency will depend on how high above ground they are, forty feet is the recommended height and they should not be in the vicinity of anything that will obstruct the wind.

Aeroturbines should be for sale presently for all types of applications, homes, industries and institutions, etc. It will be awesome to see this new engineering implemented all over the world to help move towards cleaner, renewable energy sources.

To get more information on wind power generation, visit Dave Owen’s site “Wind Power Facts and Info”. You will find many ways to save money and generate your own green power.

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