Go Green By Sharing

Are you constantly thinking about ways that you can go green? If so, there is something simple you can do to help – sharing. You probably never have thought of that before, but often we purchase things that we never use again. Instead of keeping them around or throwing them away, sharing them is a great way to go green.

Too many people purchase items and just use them a couple of times. Sure, the companies benefit from this, but the environment definitely doesn’t benefit from it. If you’re like most people, you probably have tools, and some other items, at your home you haven’t used in months or even years.

You’ll find that sharing services exist today. They are a lot like libraries. You can borrow different tools and gardening implements as well. The tools are donated to the service or they may be loaned. Then the members of the service can check them out for a period of time. This is a whole lot like using a library to take out books for a time.

Most of the time you’ll find that the membership is free or very cheap. There are neighbors and community groups that come together and organize these types of services. This way tools that people won’t use again can get some more use in the future.

Try looking around in your area to find out if there is a tool sharing service or other sharing options in the area. If you don’t have a local one, you may want to consider starting one yourself. If you decide to do this, make sure you do your research before you start it up.

There are definitely some pitfalls to avoid when you start up a sharing service. You probably will want to avoid using tools in the service that take a lot of repair on a regular basis or tools that are very delicate. You don’t want to have to constantly service tools that you are loaning out.

Maybe starting a sharing service isn’t your thing. You can still help. Considering donating your tools to a service in your area or donating other items that you never use anymore. This will allow you to give your tools to someone that will use them so they don’t just sit idle. It keeps them out of the trash as well.

You can go even further than just sharing the tools you have. Other sharing options are available for you to get involved in. Many communities have special vegetable sharing programs for people who have gardens to benefit everyone.

It’s easy to see that you can share items and work on saving the environment at the same time. Don’t just throw items away or put them in storage after using them once. Instead you can go green and share. It’s a nice thing to do for others and it’s definitely a great choice for our environment.

Thomas Erikson is a cycling nut who has found a way to go green, keep riding a bike and out of his car every day. You also can avoid rush hour traffic, breeze up hills with ease and have fun with an electric bike. To learn more about these environmentally friendly bikes, visit ElectricBikeChoice.com.


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