Business Failures Anonymous

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Business Failures Anonymous is a support network for entrepreneurs who need a support/buddy network in the real world.

Although there will be some virtual exchanges on blogs and forums etc, BFA recognises that there is a wealth of professional business advice readily available elsewhere but also believes that there is a lack of emotional support for people facing potentially serious consequences of a failed business.

BFA’s mission is to revitalise real world contact for people who may be struggling to come to terms with their situation and who seek support from people in similar situations.

From Business Link to NHS Shrink**
Another aim is to provide business start-ups with “devil’s advocate” advice and support. BFA feels that business failure is an area which needs serious attention especially in the current climate and, having spoken to other business failures who have felt ‘abandoned’, BFA do not believe ‘sob stories’ are isolated cases. BFA hope to relate experiences and offer them positively both as ‘worst-case scenario’ advice for pre-start ups and as moral support for post-failures, two aspects of the business life-cycle that seem to be sorely lacking.

(** For non-UK readers, Business Link is a government-funded business advice network and NHS is the UK health service)

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