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Show Your Customers Your Eco Convictions

With an environmental catastrophe in the Gulf taking over the news in recent weeks, at present more than ever, people from all backgrounds understand the massive environmental requirement for adjustments in our individual choices and cumulative behavior and also for companies’ organizational culture and dedication to our one and only Planet’s future. Similar to the way that smoking has basically been pressed away from indoor public spaces moreover why it is not socially tolerable to text or chat on the phone whilst driving, we have also practically arrived at the tipping point for cultural awareness when it comes to reducing, reusing, and recycling.

The public gets it, and the green movement will continue to swell rapidly. Every big company that’s not continuously analyzing its processes and procedures for eco friendliness will face a possible public relations nightmare as we move into the current decade and beyond. It’s absolutely essential for small business owners and big corporations to solidify their eco conscious reputation as well. Companies must always remember that consumers possess choices. While customers critique sustainability in their own lives, they’ll also be contemplating your business. It’s more important than ever to show these prospective clients your corporate steadfastness to green practices.

It is really easy to go green and sustain the environment. A common way for a company to go green is by initiating some sort of company recycling program in the office. As a matter of fact, the newest trend is to get rid of the need to recycle altogether whenever doable. Effortless green practices consist of having your employees and clients go paperless or handing out reusable stainless steel water bottles, reusable coffee mugs or recycled shopping bags to help lower the usage of disposables. An additional smart way is to simply remember to turn the lights and business equipment off when going home from the workplace. Individual circumstances will vary, however you will likely find that many areas do not make available open recycling possibilities for the community, nor do are they doing much to encourage citizens or corporations to go green as of yet.

If your business finds a way to execute sustainable and recyclable business methods and office culture, despite existing roadblocks, then do not hesitate to blog about it as well as brag about it in a press release, and tell the story of your company’s eco consciousness and commitment to the environment. Be an advocate to your neighborhood, and help take out the barriers to recycling, with the practice of thousands of businesses we could inspire millions of consumers to make shifts of their way of life producing epic and fundamental change. The additional efforts to look after our earth during this period will eventually be recognized, improving your organization’s reputation as an eco leader and pioneer.

You can also benefit by making going green an integral part of your advertising approach. Passing out eco friendly promotional products at trade shows and career fairs is a subtle means to produce a memorable experience and encourage eco consciousness and awareness of world-wide green matters. Trade shows and job fairs are an excellent example of where your company must stand out over the competition, and eco friendly custom bags are an effective way to do just that. Not only do you pass out a reusable item together with your company’s brand and insignia that stays with the prospect for a long time but you happen to be presenting your corporate sense and devotion with the usage of sustainable and recyclable items. In this lackluster economy, your business must be admirable and unforgettable in the eyes of each probable customer, vendor, colleague and even a talented candidate for employment. Generally, a final decision isn’t made on the spot, so you must stand out and forever stay in the prospect’s mind, customized recycled trade show bags made entirely of one use plastic water bottles is a cheap and sociably admirable marketing technique as well as an ideal way to leave a quality long lasting impact on your audience and our Planet’s fragile future.

Albert Jefferson is an accomplished writer discussing eco and sustainability issues and spreading the word to companies to utilize eco friendly promotional bags to promote both their brand and awareness for the environment.

[Clean & Green Club] Expert Interview, Book Recommendation & Spotlight

What’s Inside:
* Expert Interview: Alicia Polak, CEO of Khaya Cookies
* Clean & Green Spotlight:
* Recommended Book: Free: The Future of a Radical Price
* Special Offer: Attend this Powerful Publishing Seminar as My Guest
* Earn a BIG Commission: Hook Me Up With a Paid Gig in/Near Switzerland
* The Coolest URL Shortener Ever
* Changing the Business Model: Fee for Service, Instead of Fee per Hour
* Hear & Meet Shel


Expert Interview: Alicia Polak, CEO of Khaya Cookies

Alicia Polak, CEO of Khaya Cookies in South Africa. Former Wall Streeter who gave it up to provide jobs making organic cookies in the townships. Focus on economic development and job creation for women in marginalized communities, how a global company looks at sustainability/how to be Green when you’re in an import business, keeping costs down with partnerships, and organic health benefits.

(If you’re a Clean and Green Club member or subscriber, click here to read the rest:
If you’re not, remember that you can get a two-month free trial by buying a copy of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green and then registering your purchase at )

Clean & Green Spotlight:

When I spoke at the Go Green Expo in New York City a couple of months back, one of the companies exhibiting there was a wind-powered printing company from New Haven, offering attractive pricing, eco-oriented design templates, and of course, FSC-certified and/or recycled paper. I have actually seen their wind turbine when I take the bus from New York back home to Massachusetts; it’s visible along the coast, just as my bus turns up I-91.

(If you’re a Clean and Green Club member or subscriber, click here to read the rest:
If you’re not, remember that you can get a two-month free trial by buying a copy of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green and then registering your purchase at )

Recommended Book: Free: The Future of a Radical Price

The influential author of The Long Tail has once again broken new ground. He argues persuasively that the price of anything that can be digitized, and the price of even many things that are based in physical space inexorably gravitates toward zero–and then, even though it might be counterintuitive, demonstrates a seemingly infinite number of ways to monetize your free offerings.

Sometimes, free is a desperate response to a market gone out of control, as in Monty Python’s bold move to stop piracy by giving away their best stuff online, telling people to get clean copies instead of the low-quality stuff that was circulating. The troupe created a whole new generation of fans, saw an astonishing 23,000 percent sales increase, and shot to #2 on the Amazon video list.

(If you’re a Clean and Green Club member or subscriber, click here to read the rest:
If you’re not, remember that you can get a two-month free trial by buying a copy of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green and then registering your purchase at )

Special Offer: Attend this Powerful Publishing Seminar as My Guest

When I went to Fred Gleeck’s publishing seminar just before BEA a few years ago, I was blown away both by the quality of information, and by how much the approach Fred and his co-presenters advocate was different from that promoted in most publishing seminars I’ve been to.

I’m going back again this year, as a paying registrant: Monday, May 24, in New York. If you’re coming into town for Book Expo, you might want to extend your stay. It’s only $97, and the presenters include Bob Bly, who has helped many freelance copywriters and information marketers get started (I was influenced by one of his books in the 1980s, as I was setting out my shingle as a copywriter). With only four presenters, it should be good, deep content. You can learn more about it here:

At $97, it’s definitely a bargain. But how about if I told you that you could come as my guest? Fred noticed my registration and wrote to me offering three comp admissions for my “best customers.” On a first-come, first-serve basis, I will offer you one, while they last, if you:

* Hire me to speak to your group or conference, at my usual rates
* Sign up for a year as a paid member of The Clean and Green Club
* Buy 20 or more copies of any of my paperback books (or a mix of titles)
* Contract with me to manage your next book publishing project

Earn a BIG Commission: Hook Me Up With a Paid Gig in or Near

ForumDavos has invited me back to speak at the end of March, 2011. I’m looking for a paid engagement to dovetail with that trip, and I’ll pay 25 percent of my fee ($5000 is my standard price) as a finder’s fee if you connect me with one.
The Coolest URL Shortener Ever

I’ve been a fan of Will Bontrager’s nifty little utilities for a long time. Here’s one I liked enough that I asked Will if I could
be an affiliate for it. So much functionality, such a low price! The biggest benefit is it brings “link juice” to your OWN domain, if you’re passing on something from one of your own sites.
Read more here:

Changing the Business Model: Fee for Service, Instead of Fee per Hour

You’ve been telling me, and I listened. I’ve heard a lot recently that many of you are uncomfortable with the open-ended per-hour pricing I’ve been using forever. So I’m moving a number of services over to flat fee. If you need to get a press release, a book cover, even an entire book written, now you’ll know exactly what it’ll cost.

Click here to see the pricing:

Hear and Meet Shel

* May 24, I’ll be at Fred Gleeck’s Publishing Seminar in NYC, and then the 26th and 27th I’ll be walking the floor at Book Expo America. Which leaves Tuesday as a day to make appointments. Know any Green superstars in New York I should be talking to?

* Tuesday, June 8, 3 pm ET/noon PT, Andy O’Bryan interviews me for, on how to communicate the value in your values. More info:

* June 9, I’ll be interviewed again for the Guerrilla Marketing Association’s weekly calls–this time by Alexandru
Israil from Romania, 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. Contact:
alexandru.israil (at)

* June 15, I’ll be Linda MacKenzie’s guest on the Creative Health and Spirit Show, on HealthyLife.Net radio, 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT. Linda has interviewed me a few times in the past, and is actually the CEO of this Internet radio network.

* June 15, I’m also supposed to be speaking later in the afternoon at Holyoke (MA) Community College as part of a major business gathering. Don’t have details yet.

* June 19, I’m in dialogue with Co-op Power about presenting at their event at Nuestras Raices, a community farm in Holyoke, MA.

* SolarFest is now confirmed, most likely Sunday, July 18, in Tinmouth, Vermont. This is a wonderful event; I attended several years ago, and you can read about that year’s festival here: For this year’s,

* Boston GreenFest 2010 takes place August 19-21, 2010, and I’ll be on the program (don’t know yet exactly when). One of the cool things about this event will be a display of cars that traveled 100 miles (from Greenfield, MA, near me) on a single gallon of gas.

* September 19, I speak at Live Green! in Norwalk, CT.
Contact: sweicker (at)

* October 2, I’m speaking at the second annual Self-Publishing Book Expo in New York City,

* October 12 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT: My third annual presentation to the MUSE Online Writers Conference. This time,
Selling a Self-Published Book to a Traditional Publisher


Shel Horowitz, 16 Barstow Lane, Hadley, MA 01035, United States

Global Warming, Should You Care?

Global warming is a hard fact that probably none of us would wish to deal with. But let’s face it, it is real and it is happening at a pace neither one of us can comprehend and control. With the increase in temperature over the years, it’s no wonder that ice are melting over at North and South pole. But there are many things about global climate changes that are still unknown to us, what we do know is that if this continue, inevitably human race will be wiped off from the face of the earth.

Exactly what are the dangers of it?

Melting of ice over at each end of our poles does not only affects animals living there. It has a global effect in which sea level will rise, as well as the temperatures. When that happen, animals either lose their habitat, or are unable to cope with the sudden change in temperature and thus will be extinct. Food chains will also be disturbed, given that we humans depend a lot on our marine life to keep the balance in check, it will not be a pretty scene.

Do bear in mind that with the rise in sea levels will means some low land island and countries will be covered in water in no time if something is not being done to combat it. As of now, many have reported that the country is sinking at an alarm rate and very soon it will be submerged.

Severe hurricanes and thunderstorms are also predicted to happen as a result of that, and unfortunately not every country or every where are equipped with state of the art technology that can handle and take precaution against such happening, casualties will be inevitable.

A change in our climate and temperature will also means development of newer and more lethal bacteria that we might not be able to keep up and find a cure faster than the rate it might evolved. More outbreaks will happen and more lives will be claimed.

With the rise in temperature, do not be surprise to see a shortage of crops, this is because higher temperature will means more rain and less snow, which certain crops will not be able to thrive under such harsh condition.

Global warming is without a doubt, a real life scenario that are caused by human activities. Release of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere have picked up since the 1970s and we have seen some of our worst disaster happened since then. Therefore, we should definitely do what we can and afford, by cutting down emission of carbon monoxide and stopping the waste of earth resources, we can make a difference.

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