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American Wind Turbine Plans – Creating A Safer Future For Our World

The carbon emission of the U. S. had grown 0.8% year by year for the last quarter century. Now, this might not seem much, but this would amount to millions of tons of carbon discharges and it is due to this reason that American wind generator plans was put in with the requirement of reducing pollution done by power generation in the state.

In 2008, total of wind energy installed in the U.S. Overreached 8500 MW. Therefore, wind energy in America has been growing very strong. And yet, most “green groups” claim this rate of development in American wind energy is less than suitable and lobbies for bigger use of viable green energy.

In expanding the wind energy, the governing body had to face many difficulties. Most importantly is the issue relating to the expenses? Installing wind energy is quite pricey. Therefore, wind power is reasonably pricey and this has been one of the greatest problems.

Another problem is made by the birds when they immediately fly towards the rotor blades. Carrying the mandatory appliances has also been an issue as the meriting regions are quite remote. The kit also takes up a significant area. If this kind of power is to extend further, solutions would be found for these issues. At least for a couple of these problems, technical developments and advancements can offer answers.

One of the added advantages of this form of energy is that it has lead to job possibilities in agricultural isolated areas where work is tricky to find. Farmers can expand their incomes by leasing the land, and crops can be grown round the turbine, up to its terribly base. Therefore the wind energy should have been a God-sent opportunity to develop and radically change the agricultural America. The employment of this sort of power doesn’t have to be at the state level.

You can now enjoy the benefits of American wind generator plans through the use of a little wind machine that might supply adequate electricity to meet the requirements of a place.

Since the utilization of wind power has seriously increased in the country, many companies are now concerned in this sector. The potential for such power does look really good. Replaceable and supportable categories of alternative power or energy are the main elements in making a better potential for our world.

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Becoming Ecofriendly

Today the demand for different kinds of ecofriendly goods has expanded because of the rise in worries for the ecosystem. Folks must take advantage of these ecofriendly goods to be able to stop any kind of damage which can be brought on for the natural environment by making use of items which are not really ecofriendly.

The different kinds of ecofriendly air fresheners which can be used these days at houses without causing any harm towards the environment are as follows:-

* Potpourri – Potpourri is made up of a container of mixed flower petals and spices. This particular container is used as perfume. The scent or smell of potpourri gets consumed entirely. The potpourri may be used to add to the beauty of homes. Nevertheless, it is not able enough to get rid of bad odor from the actual air. Some organic herbs and spices must be employed to regain the fragrance or smell back. Cinnamon or even nutmeg may be put into the potpourri to be able to give a brand new and fresh fragrance for the potpourri. Few sprigs of fresh new mint can also be included in order to enhance the aroma of the potpourri. Peppermint may also be used to help keep the ants from houses of individuals.

* Folks could take advantage of essential natural oils to further improve the scent of their houses. These kinds of natural oils are ecofriendly naturally and are taken out from plants. These kinds of natural oils tend to be non-hazardous in nature. These natural oils should be combined with a minimum of 4 parts of water. These natural oils must not be put on the furniture because these natural oils might leave behind a film. Additional water should be added to the mixture whenever such films are made on the home furniture.

* Some fruits could also be used effectively to improve the scent of the homes. Fruits like oranges, apples as well as lemons could be cut into thin circles. The fruits must be dried out on a cookie sheet. These fruits should be overlaid after drying them over the cookie sheet. A little bit of shellac or floor polish should be employed so as to keep the fruits. These fruits can be put to use as bedroom fresheners for several weeks. Folks could also take advantage of raw fruit as air fresheners.

* Beeswax candles can also be used successfully to enhance the smell of folks’ residence. These kinds of candles give off the scent of honey when burnt. These kinds of candles are available in the market in a number of sizes and shapes. Folks must take advantage of the naturally colored wax lights to prevent causing any kind of damage to the natural environment.

* Various fragrances can also be put together in order to make a bowl arrangement. These kinds of arrangements can be built visible by pouring them straight into wooden shallow bowls or clear glass bowls. Some dried herbs like mint, rosemary and thyme may also be added to such arrangements. In order to obtain a seasonal smell, cinnamon sticks or nutmeg can be added. Some beeswax candles can also be positioned in the center of these containers for purposes of decoration.

In case you really value your future, be eco friendly. All of us could do this by using eco friendly products and engaging in environment helpful activities. We only have one world to live in so let us stand up for it!

The Price Of Solar Panels Is Declining

New research on the life expectancy of this new kind of renewable energy has helped decrease the cost of solar panels. It was once estimated that solar panels would last only about 20 years, but it has now been proven that models can last up to 30 years. This makes it a more appealing investment for homeowners who were hesitant because of the short life expectancy.

Environmentalists as well as policy makers are encouraging financial institutions to make available to homeowners the finances available to purchase and install solar panels because they are very cost efficient and will be able to repay for themselves with less energy consumption.

Across Europe, and even China, governments have been giving financial incentives for those private citizens who upgrade to solar energy. This, of course, has decreased the cost of solar panels and increased demand. India and the United States have incentive plans in the works but have yet to release and implement them.

Before, I mentioned how this type of renewable energy will pay for itself and here is why: the major expense of solar panels is the purchase of the actual equipment and its installation. The rest is almost free because you do not have to pay for the energy source.

The renewable energy industry, the solar energy field in particular, has very enthusiastic goals. These goals include making solar energy as cheap as the electricity we use today. The aim is to make Europe at least half dependent on solar energy as opposed to electricity grids by 2020.

Around the globe the demand for renewable energy is growing. More and more citizens of the world are becoming more conscience of the effects of our actions on the environment, increasing the demand for green energy. This demand will cut the cost of solar panels even further.

The cost of solar panel hardware is going down, so it is possible to get a cheap solar panel. Start using solar generated energy today!

Resource Based Economy – The Zeitgeist Movement Newsletter July 10

This first newsletter from The Zeitgeist Movement presents some interesting articles and opinions on the current global economy and resources.


Where are we now?
Peter Joseph reviews the history of The Movement’s developments during the short period since its inception in late 2008. The Zeitgeist Movement is a sustainability advocacy organization and seeks to transition into a new social system, called a “Resource-Based Economy” which seeks to base social organization on Resource Management and Preservation as the initial starting point of all relevant earthly decisions.
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The Scientific Method Exposed
By: Karen E. Siragusa
Everyone uses the scientific method every day, all the time. This is simply the process by which we intake data through our 5 senses from our environment, create databanks in our brains, and then use whatever critical thinking skills we learn from other humans to process/link this data… and of course, draw conclusions. So, everyone is a scientist!
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Technology Corner: The Aerospace Perspective
By: Douglas Mallette
One of the biggest things we discuss is sustainability, not just of our energy systems, but of every product we make. Planned obsolescence, or at least the basic notion that products are made on the cheap so they fetch the most profit, is something that cannot go on, else our natural resources will be obliterated in just a few generations and humanity will suffer as a result. Let’s focus on something I am personally working on, an automated hydroponic farm facility.
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Economics: A Resource Based Economy
By: Stuart Dobson
A Resource Based Economy – Jacque Fresco’s idea of a system where all goods and services are available without money, credits, barter or any other form of debt or servitude – is a paradigm shattering concept. The idea changes the focus of how society works on a fundamental level, causing a ripple of profound implications to permeate all of society. For many, removing the corruption of the monetary system is a logical step, which will manifest our innermost hopes and dreams, revealing a beautiful ideal world. Yet, much of the vision of a Resource Based Economy is in the future.
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Economics: The Profit Problem
By: Peter Joseph
The fact is, every single act of monetary gain is based on a form of dishonesty… only this dishonestly is simply retermed as “competitive”. In the marketing world everything is driven by “advantage”. The “competitive edge” is nothing more than a passive corruption where competing companies seek to “out do” each other in whatever way they can for the sake of market share. The very act of seeking differential advantage is to be engaged in the abuse of another person or group.
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Using The Political System as a Soapbox
By: Neil Kiernan aka VTV, host of VRADIO
In the depression, there were all these men up on soapboxes (literally up on soapboxes, this is where the term came from) talking about their various solutions to mankind’s troubles? The “soapbox” in that sense has been replaced by the internet, the radio, and the television. There are people who are not satisfied with things the way they are who are looking for people on these soapboxes to give them suggestions as to a better direction. We can get on that soapbox in the form of caucuses within the political system who’s sole purpose is to offer a nonpolitical solution.
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What does the Zeitgeist Movement mean when it refers to providing an “Abundance” for all the worlds people, when you also talk about the need for preservation of finite resources? Isn’t this a contradiction? What if I want a 100 room mansion on my own personal island?
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Quote of the month…

The greatest and most important problems of life are all, in a sense, insoluble. . . . They can never be solved, but only outgrown.
Carl Jung

It’s Moving Day—What Are You Going to Do About Junk Removal?

Whether you live in an American city like Phoenix or a Canadian one like Toronto, there will come a time when you need junk removal. Most people need to have junk hauled away when they’re moving from their current home into a new one. If you live somewhere for a length of time, say two or more years, it’s amazing how fast possessions and just plain junk can accumulate. If you are planning a move in the near future, then here are some suggestions for ways to whittle down your possessions and make your move go more smoothly.

First, look over everything you own, including the stuff that’s tucked away in closets, under beds, on top of bookcases, etc. Once you’ve done a visual inventory of all of your stuff, then comes the hard part: deciding what you’ll really need in your new place. If you have furniture that’s too big and clunky for your new place, or has seen better days, get rid of it! Ask yourself how many chairs you really need, how many coffee tables your new place can accommodate. If you have patio furniture that’s old, ugly, or rusty, ask yourself if you really have the time and resources needed to restore it. If it’s too much work, or too expensive, then get rid of it. Either give it to friends who might need it, or call a junk removal Toronto service, or a similar business in your home town, and get rid of it.

One crucial task to perform when you’re moving is to check your garden shed or storage area for cans of old paint, old cleaning products, waste oil from changing the oil or your car, old batteries, or anything else that could be considered hazardous waste, and then consult with your local waste disposal services to find out the safe, legal way to get rid of those items. There’s absolutely no point in transporting such things, so they should be one of the first items that you get rid of when you are moving.

If your garden shed, garage or carport contains old, broken items like lawn chairs and the like, the chances are that it’s just not worth the trouble to fix them. Get rid of them! Have them hauled away by a junk carting service. Be ruthless. Don’t be sentimental about old, broken items no matter how many memories they hold. Think about it, you don’t want to spend time repairing things like this, so make sure they’re disposed of properly in a landfill. Don’t let junk take over your life. Get rid of everything that’s broken, or that you haven’t used or even looked at in the last two or three years.

You can make an exception for camping equipment like tents and camp stoves that you haven’t used recently because you will probably be using it some time in the future. Of course, if you’re too old or disabled to go camping any more, then you should think about passing on such things to people who will use them regularly. If you don’t have friends who like to use camping gear, then think about having a massive yard sale before you move.

Don’t just sell things like camping gear. Go through your tools, old clothes, books, DVDs, kitchenware, and other possessions and sell everything that you don’t use anymore. Getting rid of excess possessions can be very liberating. Most people who live in modern, Western cities in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe probably have too many possessions anyway. Don’t be a slave to the stuff you own, control it, and make your life easier. As Henry David Thoreau advised, “Simplify, simplify.” That’s good advice for anyone, whether you’re in the process of moving or not.

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junk removal

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

What happens when you earn or inherit a fortune, but it makes you feel empty inside? Meet three of the wealthy elite who are giving their money away in this article from the Guardian about Karl Rabeder, Sara Robin and Brian Burnie.

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And if you’re not quite a millionaire and looking to de-stress on a low budget, there are some interesting free offers on ranging from free time away to free cinema tickets

How To Save Dollars While Running Your Vehicle On H2O

Have you been told that it is possible to save money while running your car on water? If you were considering this option, then the bad news for you is that this plan does not work. The good news is that by finding this out now, you have saved yourself from ruining a perfectly good car.

The theory that water is able to do something like this did not appear out of thin air. It is not contested that water is a great and important energy source that contains an awful lot of workable power. Right now, it is used to cut through certain types of metal in factories around the country and its strength is well known.

There is actually a team of researchers who have been working for years to develop a flammable gas that is originally from water and can be converted through a simple equation. The obvious problem with their brilliant invention is that cars do not know how to perform this operation and will simply not do the trick if water is placed inside. Instead of running nicely, you will have a ruined engine.

There are other claims that say with a small amount of electricity from your car battery, your vehicle will be able to separate the parts of water and create a gas that will enable it to run. Like the claim above, this has not been proven and is not likely to work so it would not be safe to try this at home.

There is a critic who has evaluated these theories and found them to be completely faulty for other reasons. This man explains that they make no sense because they would not be financially worthwhile even if there were to work.

By splitting the water’s parts, you end up with two types of gas: hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. By simply mixing up these two substances and burning them, you have created energy.

However, he cautions, this actually requires so much energy, that it will eat up more than you would potentially gain. You are left with nothing to make your vehicle go and you have expended energy in the process, leaving you with a loss in place of a gain. Rather than save you money, you will actually lose.

If they ever figure out a way to get water to power cars, it is no doubt that people will be quick to capitalize on it because nobody likes to spend money if they do not have to. Rather than seeing gas stations around town, you will spot your neighbors by their hoses, filling up their automobiles from the driveways and no longer will you have to worry about spending money on gasoline.

They have not yet reached such a conclusive decision on how to accomplish this, however, so it would be wise to stay away from water for now. The day they invent it, not only will the inventor be world famous, but everyone will hear the news. Until you do, you should stick to boring gasoline and not try anything fancy at home.

Locate more about how to save cash by running cars on water by going online. There you can visit for great tips. Head online now and learn more.

[Clean and Green Club] Go Green, Live Rich, Best Resources, and More

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REMINDER: Special Invitation: Join Me By Phone on June 17

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Another Recommended Book: Go Green, Live Rich

Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth (and Get Ri ch Trying) by David Bach with Hillary Rosner

Okay so there are a gazillion books, e-books, and pamphlets with tips on going Green, including my own Painless Green: 111 Tips to Help the Environment, Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Cut Your Budget, and Improve Your Quality of Life-With No Negative Impact on Your Lifestyle-so why buy this one?

A few things make this one stand out. First of all, it’s written by  a retirement-planning guru: David Bach, author of such books as Start Late, Finish Ri ch and The Automatic Millionaire (with help from Hillary Rosner, who worked on Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth). It’s very refreshing to have a celebrity personal finance author take on the topic of personal environmental responsibility.

Second, the book is crammed with hundreds of websites and resources (including…

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* July 22, 8 pm ET/5 pm PT, Irene Watson from Reader Views interviews me on Green Marketing:  Reaching the Environmentally Aware Customer. Info:

* Boston GreenFest 2010 takes place August 19-21, 2010, and I’ll be on the program (don’t know yet exactly when). One of the cool things about this event will be a display of cars that traveled 100 miles (from Greenfield, MA, near me) on a single gallon of gas.

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Best Green and Ethical Links of May

Ooops–I had this all done for you and left it out of the early-June edition. Several links about the Gulf spill, Amory Lovins on how to get the US off oil, cars made of hemp replacing polluting and dangerous kerosene lamps with solar in Africa, and more. Posted at (open to all this month, usually reserved for Club members)

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Ecofriendly Homes

People prefer to buy ecofriendly houses nowadays. The ecofriendly houses offer a lot of advantages to the environment. These homes are designed for improving the life of our own planet by enhancing the environmental conditions. These houses may also offer a lot of advantages to their owners such as lower utility costs and healthier air quality.

The various guidelines that should be adopted by folks prior to buying ecofriendly homes are detailed below:-

*The actual costs involved with the construction of an ecofriendly home are approximately five to 20 percent more than the price necessary to construct a standard home. An individual who wishes to possess an ecofriendly house must look into the characteristics that he wishes to use in his home. For every environment friendly feature that he has selected for his brand new home, he must determine the savings that he would obtain on his utility bills. By doing these kinds of estimations, he can determine that number which will be needed to recover the additional charges that will be required to construct an ecofriendly home.

* A person must take advantage of environment friendly supplies as a way to build his house. The ecofriendly materials are defined as those supplies which are produced locally, natural, lasting and require minimal processing when they are produced. People should only make full use of non-toxic as well as safe materials for building their houses. Individuals should not buy additional materials which might get wasted. All the stages of creating an environment friendly home should be properly planned in order to avoid wastage of numerous construction materials.

* An environment friendly house should be equipped with water saving gadgets within the sinks, showers and flush of the toilet. These homes must be built with rain water tank. These tanks may be used to flush toilets, clean clothes and water the gardens. The use of rain water tank will facilitate the recycling of water.

* Solar energy is a replenishable type of energy that is found in abundance. People should harvest the energy of the sun to get numerous advantages. Big double panel windows must be positioned on the northern side of the home. Solar power panels should be installed in the homes for heating water.

* The houses need to be insulated properly in order to make efficient utilization of energy. The ceilings of the houses should be installed with double insulation so as to catch heat and stop its escape from the ceilings.

* People should only purchase electrical appliances and light bulbs which will make efficient utilization of electrical energy. Depending on the budget of a person, he should purchase the most energy efficient appliances.

* People must only take advantage of those materials and paints which purify the air by permitting the air to penetrate. People should set up hardwood floors in order to prevent making use of carpets along with other dust attracting materials in the house.

The building of ecofriendly homes would help in keeping the environment safe.

In case you seriously care about your future, be eco friendly. All of us could accomplish this by utilizing eco friendly products and engaging in environment friendly activities. We only have one world to exist in so let us stand up for this!

Benefits To Using Reclaimed Building Products

Simply put, reclaimed building products are building materials that would otherwise end up in landfills if they were not recycled. When old buildings and warehouses are demolished much of that material can be reused, but more often than not it ends up in the dumpster. However, as our focus shifts into more environmentally friendly options in the way we live there are more and more companies reclaiming old building materials and making them into beautiful products we can use in our own homes.

What Type of Material is Reclaimed?

When a building is torn down everything you can imagine can get reclaimed. From the roof to the floor and everything in between it can be reused. Many of the products are in near new condition even though they have been in homes and buildings for years. Some of the more popular reclaimed products are:

Wood floors






Floor / Ceiling Beams

What are the Main Benefits to using Reclaimed Products?

Okay, the biggest benefit in using reclaimed materials is that you are being friendlier to our environment. Millions of board feet of flooring are reclaimed each year and reused. This would have ended up in landfills, resulting in more trees being cut down, had the products not been reclaimed.

Some other benefits include the character and charm that can come from a reclaimed product. Anybody can buy a wood floor, but not many people can have a wood floor that is over 100 years old and looks brand new – you can if you choose reusable flooring options.

This article is not intended to talk you into using only reclaimed products on your next remodel, but take a look at what is out there you just may find something you love that has less impact on the environment as well. Everybody wins!

Roberta is an eco-consultant who focuses on environmentally friendly home design. If you want more information on reclaimed flooring check out Roberta’s latest site: