Benefits To Using Reclaimed Building Products

Simply put, reclaimed building products are building materials that would otherwise end up in landfills if they were not recycled. When old buildings and warehouses are demolished much of that material can be reused, but more often than not it ends up in the dumpster. However, as our focus shifts into more environmentally friendly options in the way we live there are more and more companies reclaiming old building materials and making them into beautiful products we can use in our own homes.

What Type of Material is Reclaimed?

When a building is torn down everything you can imagine can get reclaimed. From the roof to the floor and everything in between it can be reused. Many of the products are in near new condition even though they have been in homes and buildings for years. Some of the more popular reclaimed products are:

Wood floors






Floor / Ceiling Beams

What are the Main Benefits to using Reclaimed Products?

Okay, the biggest benefit in using reclaimed materials is that you are being friendlier to our environment. Millions of board feet of flooring are reclaimed each year and reused. This would have ended up in landfills, resulting in more trees being cut down, had the products not been reclaimed.

Some other benefits include the character and charm that can come from a reclaimed product. Anybody can buy a wood floor, but not many people can have a wood floor that is over 100 years old and looks brand new – you can if you choose reusable flooring options.

This article is not intended to talk you into using only reclaimed products on your next remodel, but take a look at what is out there you just may find something you love that has less impact on the environment as well. Everybody wins!

Roberta is an eco-consultant who focuses on environmentally friendly home design. If you want more information on reclaimed flooring check out Roberta’s latest site:


One response to “Benefits To Using Reclaimed Building Products

  1. I just wanted to thank you for writing this post. I truly believe that reclaimed product (especially wood) is not only better for the environment, but in many cases more beautiful than new product.

    If you ever want more information on a really interesting source of reclaimed wood check out Centennial Woods – we reclaim wood used in Wyoming snowfence that used to be thrown in to landfills or burned at the end of its useful life as snowfence. Now this unique and beautiful wood is used in all kinds of interior and exterior applications, including hardwood flooring! My favorite feature of this wood is the fact that since it has been weathered for so long it can be installed without using chemical finishes, and thereby avoiding offgasing!

    Thanks again, and check us out!

    Erin Percival
    Centennial Woods

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