It’s Moving Day—What Are You Going to Do About Junk Removal?

Whether you live in an American city like Phoenix or a Canadian one like Toronto, there will come a time when you need junk removal. Most people need to have junk hauled away when they’re moving from their current home into a new one. If you live somewhere for a length of time, say two or more years, it’s amazing how fast possessions and just plain junk can accumulate. If you are planning a move in the near future, then here are some suggestions for ways to whittle down your possessions and make your move go more smoothly.

First, look over everything you own, including the stuff that’s tucked away in closets, under beds, on top of bookcases, etc. Once you’ve done a visual inventory of all of your stuff, then comes the hard part: deciding what you’ll really need in your new place. If you have furniture that’s too big and clunky for your new place, or has seen better days, get rid of it! Ask yourself how many chairs you really need, how many coffee tables your new place can accommodate. If you have patio furniture that’s old, ugly, or rusty, ask yourself if you really have the time and resources needed to restore it. If it’s too much work, or too expensive, then get rid of it. Either give it to friends who might need it, or call a junk removal Toronto service, or a similar business in your home town, and get rid of it.

One crucial task to perform when you’re moving is to check your garden shed or storage area for cans of old paint, old cleaning products, waste oil from changing the oil or your car, old batteries, or anything else that could be considered hazardous waste, and then consult with your local waste disposal services to find out the safe, legal way to get rid of those items. There’s absolutely no point in transporting such things, so they should be one of the first items that you get rid of when you are moving.

If your garden shed, garage or carport contains old, broken items like lawn chairs and the like, the chances are that it’s just not worth the trouble to fix them. Get rid of them! Have them hauled away by a junk carting service. Be ruthless. Don’t be sentimental about old, broken items no matter how many memories they hold. Think about it, you don’t want to spend time repairing things like this, so make sure they’re disposed of properly in a landfill. Don’t let junk take over your life. Get rid of everything that’s broken, or that you haven’t used or even looked at in the last two or three years.

You can make an exception for camping equipment like tents and camp stoves that you haven’t used recently because you will probably be using it some time in the future. Of course, if you’re too old or disabled to go camping any more, then you should think about passing on such things to people who will use them regularly. If you don’t have friends who like to use camping gear, then think about having a massive yard sale before you move.

Don’t just sell things like camping gear. Go through your tools, old clothes, books, DVDs, kitchenware, and other possessions and sell everything that you don’t use anymore. Getting rid of excess possessions can be very liberating. Most people who live in modern, Western cities in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe probably have too many possessions anyway. Don’t be a slave to the stuff you own, control it, and make your life easier. As Henry David Thoreau advised, “Simplify, simplify.” That’s good advice for anyone, whether you’re in the process of moving or not.

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