Ethical Events in the UK

These coming events may interest you.

Thursday August 12th at 6.30pm – Bill Kerry is a co-founder of The Equality Trust will talk about the book is “The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better “written by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett and which makes it abundantly clear that bringing about a fairer, more equal society is not just ethically correct but politically essential.

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Wednesday August 18th at 7.0pm UK time – a Webinar on Ethical Fashion. Pamela Ravasio will lead the a webinar on this topic. Pamela’s background is in IT, marketing & market research, and product development. After years as a professional in Tokyo, Japan, she relocated to London in May 2009 were she now specialises in ethical fashion, specifically sustainable supply chains, Asian markets, and DIY fashion.

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Tuesday August 24th at 6.30pm – Human Rights and Disability. Speaking at that meeting will be Stavroula Alachiotis, Learning Support Manager,at Newham Sixth Form College. Stavroula is involved in developing a strategy for inclusion within the school and firmly believes that inclusion is essential for human rights. Linda Jordan from Newham will also talk about how to develop a strategy for inclusion.

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Wednesday September 15th at 6.30 – Social Media, Enterprise and Action. Have you ever wondered how social action networks can be used to help enhance social action or even get enterprises up and running? And do you know what help you can get if you want to develop either of these. This meetup will try to address these questions. We will have three speakers leading us on this topic.

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Wednesday September 29th – Ethical Fashion – meetup in London at 6.30pm. The fashion industry arches from agriculture, over design, manufacturing, transportation, to marketing, advertising, waste management and recycling. If we talk fashion, fibres, fabrics, clothing, we have no choice but to also talk about Environmental Damage And Pollution, Human-Rights Breaches, Carbon Footprints, Waste, Social Phenomena such as consumerism.In this meeting we hope to
Discover how broad and deep the impacts of the fashion industry and its current practises are onto the world we live in. Discover the importance of design as a vehicle to bring change about. Discuss what needs to be done to bring long-lasting change about, both in industry business practises as well in consumer behaviour.

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