Resource Based Economy – Radio “Lecture Series”

Peter Joseph- Radio “Lecture Series”

Starting Wed., Sept. 29th, Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement will be holding an 8 week lecture run on the topics below.

[Each Show will be at 4pm EDT ]

Series Topics:

Sept 29th:
The Zeitgeist Movement – Internal Structure/Process, Decision Making, Money Issues & Chapter Development/Actions

Oct 6th:
A Resource-Based Economy Review – An Economic Model – What the system is & what it is not – and why.

Oct 13th:
A Profile of Collapse – Understanding the coming Ecocidal consequences of the Economic Money Sequence Cancer and how it will likely unfold within the social order.

Oct 20th:
The Transition – How to survive and what to promote – Time Banks / Boycotts/ Public Service / Low-Fi Offgrid Homes and other temporal solutions. How to keep the big picture while being protective now.

Oct 27th:
Solutions to Life Support Deficiencies – Modern Technology Applied – Energy-Food-Water-Minerals and the practice of substitution.

Nov 3rd:
Profile of Sustainability – how the technological ability known is only as good as the Values of the Culture.

Nov 10th:
Structural Classicism – and the end of the Dark Ages. A review of the convert extension of racism into the class structure and how it is perceived as “normal” by the conditioned public. We will also discuss inadvertent racism/class-ism and the “group power” praise disease – gang mentality.

Nov 17th:
Attacks and Grievances – Review – I will once again consider everyone’s possible attacks and complaints both external and internal and address each one in an objective way.

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