Shel Horowitz’s Clean & Green Newsletter, January 2012

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Market With Video, Part 2

Last month, we looked at the culture of video making, its enormous popularity, and how easy it is to be part of it. This month, we’ll get specific with some quick pointers to keep in mind when making videos, as well as a list of content ideas (only scraping the edge of what’s possible).

Here are the production tips:

  • Keep videos short if you want to be accessible to people without broadband, and if you want pass-alongs. One minute up to three minutes or so is a good goal.
  • Good lighting is essential.
  • Music helps.
  • Cool graphics help.
  • Humor helps, if it’s done well.
  • Many people run videos in the background. So if your use of words is restricted to silent text images, many of your “viewers” will miss the whole point. Have a person actually say the words out loud, preferably with excitement and emotion in the delivery.
  • Be sure to end with a call to action, such as an easy-to-type, easy-to-remember website URL that stays on the screen for at least 15 seconds.
  • Add all the linking and sharing social media tools to make it easy for people to pass videos on: Facebook Like button, Google +1 button, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.
  • Share the video on your own blog, in your newsletter, on all your social media profiles, and in those of your Internet discussion groups where it makes sense.
  • Get written permission from anyone who is visible in the video or whose material you are using (make this permission very inclusive, so you don’t have to go back again to reuse the footage some other way).
  • Style can be as bold or sedate as you want, as long as YOU can feel comfortable with it. Some marketers make wild, zany videos filmed driving in a sports car, others are simply one person talking.

Now, a few of the many thematic possibilities; let your imagination run wild to generate more:

  • Do a movie-style trailer for your book, or even for some other kind of product.
  • Use videos to demonstrate a product’s features and capabilities (I actually had a local inventor client who did this 92-second video to show off his machine that peels industrial quantities of butternut squash).
  • Collect video testimonials or endorsements from clients and from famous people (you may have to do some coaching on what makes a good endorsement, but don’t worry if your ordinary users don’t look or sound like models or movie stars–you actually want them to come across as real and authentic, though at least somewhat articulate).
  • Film news events or action videos involving your product.
  • Use screenshot capture software like Camtasia, Jing, Camstudio, or EasyScreenCapture to provide instructions and technical support.
  • Show clips of your appearances on TV (again, make sure you have the producer’s permission).
  • Create an action video for your memoir.
  • Interview experts on the topic of your nonfiction book.
  • Get interviewed on the subject of your expertise, and post it.
  • Get interviewed about your writing process, your inspiration, the backstory of your book, etc.
  • Make a call to action regarding the wider world, and tie it to your book.
  • Participate as a solo speaker or in a panel at a conference, and post the video.
  • Have a professional put together clips from your best speeches or author talks, and turn it into a classy speaking demo video to get more speaking gigs.

Hear and Meet Shel

  • Susan Rich interviews me once again Monday, Jan. 30, 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT, this time on book marketing. Listen at
  • It’s looking like I might actually be speaking in Bangladesh at a conference in Dakka March 8-10. I should have the details ready in time for next month’s newsletter. Meanwhile, if you can get me a paying gig that I can piggyback on in India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh, you could earn a generous commission.
  • Also confirmed for the Gulf Coast Green conference in Houston, May 1, and trying to also set up at least one more event while I’m out there.

Friends Who Want to Help You

Gift for You: Publicity Planner

If you work in publicity or marketing, Paul Krupin’s annual Publicity Planner is a must-have–and it’s a gift to you with no strings attached, no registration required. It’s a monthly calendar with events you can peg news stories around, very nicely laid out, too. Get yours at

Gift for You: Ethical Business Manifesto

The Internet marketing world (and the business world in general) contains far too many people who seem to have forgotten basic ethics somewhere a long the way. I get so tired of people hearing abut my books on business ethics as a success strategy and telling me, “Business ethics? That’s an oxymoron.”

No, it’s not. It’s actually a key to long-term surviving and thriving. And that’s one of the reasons I’ve always been willing to partner with Marcia Yudkin, one of the most ethical people I know, and a very successful marketer. Marcia has a new gift for you: Get yours, again, with no strings attached and no registration required, at “The No-Harm Marketing Manifesto.”

Book Award to Enter

One of the best ways to market a book is to be able to list yourself as an award-winning author. Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual and numerous other books for authors and publishers, has put together a new Global E-Book Award program. Knowing Dan, it’s likely to be known as a prestigious honor in the fairly near future. Enter by March 12 at

Books with Bonus Packages

Shocking betrayals at home and work. Confrontations with cancer, and corrupt businessmen. Building a business worth millions. Paul Streitz has experienced it all, triumphed, and documented everything in his new book, Blue Collar Buddha, with powerful life lessons for the reader. Check out this new book along with the big bonus package (a lot of stuff about healthy relationships and healthy families, as well as my own Painless Green e-book) at

Are you ready to make 2012 your best year ever? Take charge of your business and your life with this easily digested book–a distillation of business wisdom from Napoleon Hill through Dan Kennedy as expressed in one entrepreneur’s life. Maybe you’ve thought about leaving the rat race and being an entrepreneur. Maybe you’ve already made the jump. Discover the power of 1 focused hour a day with Henry Evans, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur. I am very proud and excited to be a part of the launch of this new book because it is only with YOU – the entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur – that we will overcome these current economic times. Join in and make 2012 YOUR best year ever!  Bonuses include a bunch of video training, among other things, and the book itself contains links to numerous resources.

Want to shift to a new career? A new relationship? A new path in your life? Want to simply find peace of mind? Make Your SHIFT: The Five Most Powerful Moves You Can Make to Get Where YOU Want to Go is the newest book by Beverly Flaxington, who has spent over two decades working with individuals and groups as a hypnotherapist, career coach, corporate consultant, behavioral expert, and change management leader. Now for the first time, she has focused her phenomenal depth of experience and knowledge to create a groundbreaking book to help you make the SHIFT. Bev’s trademarked SHIFT Model is taught in colleges and used by corporations. Now this book gives you the tools you need to make your shift. Visit for more information and over $1,500.00 in FREE bonus offers! Includes a free offer from the author.

International journalist Judah Freed has launched his new book, GLOBAL SENSE: The 2012 Edition: A spiritual handbook on the nature of society and how to change the world by changing ourselves. Global Sense encourages an evolutionary shift of consciousness into seeing our global interdependence. This awareness of our connectivity empowers us to change the world by changing ourselves. Filled with concrete strategies and tools, this amazingly practical book brings our highest ideals down to earth where we can use them.

Disclosures: 1. I haven’t read this version, but I read and favorably reviewed the original edition several years ago. 2. Also, he cites my book Grassroots Marketing on page 228.

Judah’s not doing a bonus promotion, but if you visit his site,, he’ll give you the introduction and first two chapters. He’s a brilliant thinker and I think you’ll like this one.

Buy at Amazon:

Learn more:

Another Recommended Book: Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices of, by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler (Pebblestorm Press, 2011)

In today’s world, old-fashioned pushy selling doesn’t work any more (there’s some doubt in my mind about whether it ever did). Smart businesspeople realize there has to be a new model for selling, expressed in “heresies” like these:

  • Sales works best when you and your customer are not adversaries but are working toward common, shared goals
  • Pushy traditional sales approaches like “always be closing” don’t work–instead, once you make sure there’s a fit, the customer moves inexorably toward the sale, with your skilled guidance and knowledge of their situation
  • Automation and systemization prevents leads from falling through the cracks; the best leads get immediate service while they’re HOT and ready to move
  • Revenue not only becomes predictable–it can multiply by as much as 300%


For starters, salespeople should spend their time selling; let other team members do the prospecting/lead generation and qualification, and post-sale service. For another, the whole process is one of active engagement, solving problems and advancing goals for the customer, and in the process, doing well for the sales team.

Then bring in systemization. If you only pay for leads and contacts that have been properly entered into your sales automation system, if senior execs from the CEO down adopt and publicly use the system, and if you build training and work-role customization into the migration, everyone will be using the sales automation system. This in turn helps you understand when you have a real prospect, and when you just have a tire-kicker…what leads need what kind of follow-up, and at what points in the process…and what to do with the data you’ve extracted as you manage your team.

In addition to giving you the “cold calling 2.0” process (which is actually a way of making sure that your leads are nice and warmed up before a sales person ever gets involved), Predictable Revenue is also full of great checklists and info graphics. Examples include the top 6 prospecting mistakes, questions to ask a prospect before scheduling a demo, 5 types of prospects (and three techniques), and 9 principles to “build a sales machine.”

Predictable Revenue has a ton of wisdom–such as some really great questions to ask a prospect (example: “if you were me, how would you approach this organization?”), and a whole lot on when to step back and let the prospect lead him/herself to the sale, instead of trying to force it. Individual sales and marketing people could learn a lot here, and there’s also a big section on how to manage a sales and prospecting force.

Interestingly, in that section, Ross and Tyler recommend a mix of salary and commission rather than a 100% commission model, and they also recommend that employees (as a group) be involved in designing their own compensation package, with full transparency so everyone knows what all the other members of the lead gen and sales team is making, and why. Add in some powerful cross-fertilization techniques to build skills of your internal teams and even your channel partners, and things are going to start bubbling.

Note: you can get an excerpt at no charge by visiting

Accurate Writing & More, 16 Barstow Lane , Hadley, MA 01035, United States

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