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How To Save Dollars While Running Your Vehicle On H2O

Have you been told that it is possible to save money while running your car on water? If you were considering this option, then the bad news for you is that this plan does not work. The good news is that by finding this out now, you have saved yourself from ruining a perfectly good car.

The theory that water is able to do something like this did not appear out of thin air. It is not contested that water is a great and important energy source that contains an awful lot of workable power. Right now, it is used to cut through certain types of metal in factories around the country and its strength is well known.

There is actually a team of researchers who have been working for years to develop a flammable gas that is originally from water and can be converted through a simple equation. The obvious problem with their brilliant invention is that cars do not know how to perform this operation and will simply not do the trick if water is placed inside. Instead of running nicely, you will have a ruined engine.

There are other claims that say with a small amount of electricity from your car battery, your vehicle will be able to separate the parts of water and create a gas that will enable it to run. Like the claim above, this has not been proven and is not likely to work so it would not be safe to try this at home.

There is a critic who has evaluated these theories and found them to be completely faulty for other reasons. This man explains that they make no sense because they would not be financially worthwhile even if there were to work.

By splitting the water’s parts, you end up with two types of gas: hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. By simply mixing up these two substances and burning them, you have created energy.

However, he cautions, this actually requires so much energy, that it will eat up more than you would potentially gain. You are left with nothing to make your vehicle go and you have expended energy in the process, leaving you with a loss in place of a gain. Rather than save you money, you will actually lose.

If they ever figure out a way to get water to power cars, it is no doubt that people will be quick to capitalize on it because nobody likes to spend money if they do not have to. Rather than seeing gas stations around town, you will spot your neighbors by their hoses, filling up their automobiles from the driveways and no longer will you have to worry about spending money on gasoline.

They have not yet reached such a conclusive decision on how to accomplish this, however, so it would be wise to stay away from water for now. The day they invent it, not only will the inventor be world famous, but everyone will hear the news. Until you do, you should stick to boring gasoline and not try anything fancy at home.

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