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The Successful Green Business

by R Michael Richmond

We have entered a new period of environmental awareness. The right to assert a Green business status is not the same as brushing on a new coat of green paint. Unfortunately, there are simply too many companies claiming to be a Green business without actually earning their right to be a certified Green business. The idea of an authentically Green business demands that the aspiring Green business literally earn the Green credential through a process that has clear standards and compliance options rather than a mere Internet logo purchase.

To gain a proper perspective on the environmental issues before us, it is now well understand that we are a world in trouble. Our resources are at risk of depletion. Our air, water, and soil has been badly abused. And, we are facing the largest population in history that will soon swell to 9 billion people worldwide. With these facts threatening to destroy us and the generations to follow, making Green claims for your business should be more than token efforts and marketing hype that conceal the true nature of your company.

The Green Business League has set an industry standard when it comes to Green business, and their 100 point system allows everyone to participate. Moreover, the process is all-inclusive. you need not own the building or offer a product to get involved. You need only make a commitment to installing basic Green practices in your daily operation.

Marketing seems to be a license to make truth fit a given situation rather than making the situation fit the truth. Greenwashing bends, rips, and stretch the environmental benefits until they barely stand for anything. Regardless of the intent, there is a growing number of consumers who are asking whether companies promoting their Green virtues are honestly Green, or not. Too often, they are finding that they have been lied to, and they will abandon Greenwashed companies for ones that are authentically Green.

To be an authentically Green business, the changes need to be internal as well as showing only externally. It goes back to the saying, “If you are going to Talk the Talk, then you should Walk the Walk.” This seems to be self-evident except when it comes to marketing efforts. At that level, the truth is a common casualty because the business must survive and grow. Essentially, it has been acceptable to sacrifice Green on the altar of business opportunity.

Credible Green claims need to be backed by actual Green practices that are implemented in the daily operation of the business. When a business actually functions as a Green business, the dynamics change. Environmentalism requires universal participation rather than doing only the minimum required to make a Green claim. Since most people has limited knowledge on the subject, it is best to get the assistance of a certified Green consultant. The added benefits is a better Greening project, Green certification, and your business will save thousands of dollars in the process.

The intelligent way to pursue an authentically Green business. It is also the best way to launch a marketing campaign that will work. With growing awareness, Green businesses will attract a loyal group of environmentally-aware consumers. These people will go the extra mile and spend the extra dollar because they actually believe in the cause. Going Green will attract more customers and keep them coming back again and again. It does pay to be an authentically Green business in the growing marketplace.

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