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$25K for the Greenest Family in NYC Tri-State Area–special from Shel Horowitz

For those of you reading this in the NYC Tri-State Area, PrincipleProfit author and ethical marketing guru, Shel Horowitz, pushed this my way so I’m pushing it your way!

I am always thinking of you, my readers–so when I saw this in this morning’s Help a Reporter, I stopped what I am doing to tell you about it. I know nothing about this other than what is below, but it certainly seemed worth passing on. If I lived in the Tri-State area and had kids the right age, I’d enter myself.

HARO is a no-charge service that sends reporter queries three times a weekday.
You can subscribe at www.helpareporter.com.

I suggest you respond with two or three bullets and a sentence or two about your qualifications – let them follow up later)–the faster the better.

Please respond to the reporter *using the address in the body of the request* (I wouldn’t mind being copied but if you only send to me, I won’t forward it) with HARO as the first word of the subject line.

Remember–I didn’t write this and can’t answer any questions about it. All I know is what’s below.

18) Summary: CASTING: How green is YOUR family?

Category: Entertainment and Media
Media Outlet: Anonymous
Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 8 December

How green is YOUR family? A NYC based media company is casting three families in the tri-state area to enter an eco-friendly challenge! We are looking for outgoing families who are comfortable on camera. Shoot dates will be mid-to-late January for two days in your home.

Here’s the deal! Each family will name one of their children (age 6-10) as team lead, and under the guidance of a green expert, each family will be asked to create solutions to (1) save water, (2) save energy, and (3) reduce waste at home, in their neighborhoods and in their schools. Each family will be compensated; however points will be awarded for each activity and the winning family will appear on Better TV and receive a $25,000 savings bond for their child’s college education.

Does your family have what it takes to win this challenge? Write a brief description explaining why, grab your favorite family photo, and submit to greenfamilycasting@gmail.com

Accurate Writing & More, 16 Barstow Lane , Hadley, MA 01035, United States

Global Warming, Should You Care?

Global warming is a hard fact that probably none of us would wish to deal with. But let’s face it, it is real and it is happening at a pace neither one of us can comprehend and control. With the increase in temperature over the years, it’s no wonder that ice are melting over at North and South pole. But there are many things about global climate changes that are still unknown to us, what we do know is that if this continue, inevitably human race will be wiped off from the face of the earth.

Exactly what are the dangers of it?

Melting of ice over at each end of our poles does not only affects animals living there. It has a global effect in which sea level will rise, as well as the temperatures. When that happen, animals either lose their habitat, or are unable to cope with the sudden change in temperature and thus will be extinct. Food chains will also be disturbed, given that we humans depend a lot on our marine life to keep the balance in check, it will not be a pretty scene.

Do bear in mind that with the rise in sea levels will means some low land island and countries will be covered in water in no time if something is not being done to combat it. As of now, many have reported that the country is sinking at an alarm rate and very soon it will be submerged.

Severe hurricanes and thunderstorms are also predicted to happen as a result of that, and unfortunately not every country or every where are equipped with state of the art technology that can handle and take precaution against such happening, casualties will be inevitable.

A change in our climate and temperature will also means development of newer and more lethal bacteria that we might not be able to keep up and find a cure faster than the rate it might evolved. More outbreaks will happen and more lives will be claimed.

With the rise in temperature, do not be surprise to see a shortage of crops, this is because higher temperature will means more rain and less snow, which certain crops will not be able to thrive under such harsh condition.

Global warming is without a doubt, a real life scenario that are caused by human activities. Release of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere have picked up since the 1970s and we have seen some of our worst disaster happened since then. Therefore, we should definitely do what we can and afford, by cutting down emission of carbon monoxide and stopping the waste of earth resources, we can make a difference.

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About Going Green

My brother and I came to the conclusion that real estate seemed like something that both of us had a good head for, and we decided to purchase the rights to a well known real estate agency name and append it to our own. Things seemed to be looking up for us and for our company.

We went out there and invested in commercial real estate, primarily, and we also got our hands on private homes and put them for sale under our name. Our achievements mainly surrounded bringing the customers and maintaining the facilities.

All was going well until, one day, one of our tenants read up on the benefits of going green, that is, the idea of becoming more environmentally aware about one’s surroundings and promoting practices that help protect the environment.

Although my brother and I felt negatively towards the idea at first because of the fact that it seemed to be nothing more than an attempt to get us to renovate buildings into entirely new ones for no good reason, we decided to research the matter anyway.

We found out that by going green in certain areas of our work, many parts of our work will become much easier and maybe even cheaper too.

Company cars can be hybrids instead of gas guzzlers. This would save the company hundreds of dollars a year on gas as well as serve as a much more environmentally friendly car. A major point of discussion was also the benefits of solar power.

There are also other concepts like assessing the energy efficiency of a home. This is done in order to detect where energy intake could be eliminated in order to minimize the amount of energy that would be needed for every home, which would, in turn, cost us much less as the landlords.

There are many more advantages to going green that we are learning about, and we are discovering how they can help us in our business and the surrounding environment too. Take a look into it; it just might be worth your while too.

Betty Crain-Hyde is an expert environmentalist and “going green” authority. For more details regarding the benefits of “going green” by methods of solar training, LEED certification, and other methods as well, check out the Clean Edison website online. Betty is an SEO specialist working with SEO services group ClickResponse.