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$25K for the Greenest Family in NYC Tri-State Area–special from Shel Horowitz

For those of you reading this in the NYC Tri-State Area, PrincipleProfit author and ethical marketing guru, Shel Horowitz, pushed this my way so I’m pushing it your way!

I am always thinking of you, my readers–so when I saw this in this morning’s Help a Reporter, I stopped what I am doing to tell you about it. I know nothing about this other than what is below, but it certainly seemed worth passing on. If I lived in the Tri-State area and had kids the right age, I’d enter myself.

HARO is a no-charge service that sends reporter queries three times a weekday.
You can subscribe at www.helpareporter.com.

I suggest you respond with two or three bullets and a sentence or two about your qualifications – let them follow up later)–the faster the better.

Please respond to the reporter *using the address in the body of the request* (I wouldn’t mind being copied but if you only send to me, I won’t forward it) with HARO as the first word of the subject line.

Remember–I didn’t write this and can’t answer any questions about it. All I know is what’s below.

18) Summary: CASTING: How green is YOUR family?

Category: Entertainment and Media
Media Outlet: Anonymous
Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 8 December

How green is YOUR family? A NYC based media company is casting three families in the tri-state area to enter an eco-friendly challenge! We are looking for outgoing families who are comfortable on camera. Shoot dates will be mid-to-late January for two days in your home.

Here’s the deal! Each family will name one of their children (age 6-10) as team lead, and under the guidance of a green expert, each family will be asked to create solutions to (1) save water, (2) save energy, and (3) reduce waste at home, in their neighborhoods and in their schools. Each family will be compensated; however points will be awarded for each activity and the winning family will appear on Better TV and receive a $25,000 savings bond for their child’s college education.

Does your family have what it takes to win this challenge? Write a brief description explaining why, grab your favorite family photo, and submit to greenfamilycasting@gmail.com

Accurate Writing & More, 16 Barstow Lane , Hadley, MA 01035, United States

Homeowners Can Receive An Energy Rebate For Going Green

Green energy incentives are having a huge impact on our culture and permeating almost every area of society, from office equipment to home appliances. There is a multi-million dollar national effort to encourage people to use green energy in residential dwellings and business facilities. An energy rebate program gives customers money back for installing energy efficient equipment in their homes and businesses. The go green initiative is defined by ways to save energy and conserve our natural resources.

Homeowners in particular, receive a great benefit by participating in any of the see programs by upgrading their old appliance or heating and cooling equipment to newer, more energy efficient models. This is a two-fold savings for the homeowner in that the energy rebate allows them to afford new equipment that they may otherwise be unable to and the lower monthly bills but cutting energy use.

These homeowner incentive programs help individuals procure the energy saving equipment that they need for the house. A more efficient hot water heater can help to lower monthly costs and appliances that power partially down when not in use can help to do the same thing. Even the smallest of changes to a home can make a big difference over time.

Many home appliances today are made to encourage everyday consumers to use their resources wisely and effectively during use and well as when they are not being used. The green effort can be incorporated into everyday life as people use their appliances and other home equipment, such as light fixtures and ceiling fans, in a cost-effective manner. Homeowners can receive energy-saving incentives as a thank-you from green energy companies to support the green cause.

Not only do appliances fall under the rebate programs, but many other pieces of household equipment such as window air conditioners, high efficiency water heaters and even TVs with a power save mode can qualify. The smallest upgrade to a home may qualify the homeowner for a rebate and on top of that they will save even more on their monthly utility bills with these pieces of equipment.

By going green, a homeowner can get much needed upgrades for the house and possibly put a little money into other energy saving home products. This in turn, helps stimulate the economy by allowing consumers to get more for their money. In doing so, a cleaner environment can be created for all along with strengthening the economy at the same time.

There are federal programs as well as smaller agencies that offer an energy rebate for residential customers to conserve energy. A careful online search can open the door to money-saving and energy-saving opportunities for home equipment. Supporting green energy is something that everyone can take part in to promote a renewed economy and clean, healthy planet.

At our site http://www.fhblighting.com we have many great write ups on Federal as well as State rebate initiatives and we provide links to many many great resources. Please visit Fluorescent High Bay and our blog to see how you can apply to these programs for great savings for going green.

The Types of Green Energy?

by Jerry Dyess

What comes to mind when you think of “green energy”? A huge piece of glass on the roof of your house? An old windmill with wires strung into the house? Green energy may bring to mind an energy option that seems crude and inefficient. When you look at the latest green energy technology, you find it takes a lot of money to pay a professional to install a system in your home. Green energy does not need to be expensive or new to be able to use it.

A renewable energy source that is safe for the environment and does not emit harmful emissions is considered green energy. These energy sources include more than just wind or solar energy; they also include hydroelectric and geothermal power. Let us look at these sources of energy and why they are considered green energy.

Solar energy is still being developed; it is probably the most talked about form of green power. In the future, many believe we will be producing solar power with plastic wrap; the fact is they have developed a form of plastic wrap that will collect solar rays for producing power. Solar power is still not ready for widespread use and is considered too expensive and difficult to take care by the average person. In years to come solar power will prove to be a good option for alternative energy.

Wind power has been here for a long time. To most people energy is electric. Energy is the force that helps make electric or provides another service we need. In the past windmills were used for other tasks other than producing electric such as pumping water. The wind turbines today are very effective in providing power and do not require a lot of maintenance to keep them working well. A perfect place for these wind turbines to work well is in the wind belt, such as in Texas where they have the biggest wind farm in the country. It features miles of windmills to provide clean energy for Texas residents.

Geothermal power is harder to understand. The temperature underneath the ground stays the same, this knowledge can help us heat and cool our houses and businesses. We can harness this energy by using thermal rods to run this air into the home. You would never have to run an air conditioner or heater again. Volcanoes are buried underneath the ground in some areas. Steam and pressure is the result of volcanic activity and this produces energy. This type of energy can be harnessed and used all over the world.

Hydroelectric power may or may not be green depending on the circumstances. A small hydro plant is considered green, as it will not disturb the balance of nature, as they do not need to make changes to the water or the landscape to operate. A large plant on the other hand needs to create a large body of water by flooding an area in order to run the hydro plant. These are not considered green as they change the face of the land for years to come.

There are different forms of energy that are green and not used, as they were never developed. You will not need to pay as much money to the electric company if you have your own source of green power operating in your home. You can still stay connected to the light company and if your green power fails for any reason, you will still have power. This will help the earth stay cleaner in years to come.

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