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Green Power Options Are The Future Of Energy

Our thirst for oil and other fossil fuels has brought us to the point where we are doing irreversible harm to our planet. We are also quickly realizing that we are running out of these non renewable resources. As the global economy continues to grow, a world fueled by green power is not far off.

As various green technologies continue to be developed, a few of them are already showing promise as serious contenders.

Green power has been around for a very long time, in fact windmills alone go far back in history. Only until recently have these innovative sources of power been taken seriously. Now, as more money is being invested into research, green power sources are being developed that will eventually contribute to how we fuel our need for energy.

One of the most cost effective ways of producing electricity is through the creation of wind farms. Windmills have been sources of power for hundreds of years, but only recently have they been seen as a reliable and stable source of power. Only three percent of the world’s power is supplied by wind turbines, but that number is growing exponentially as people discover how green this power source really is.

Wind technology is easy to manufacturer and install, and once in operation, they are also very easy to maintain. They provide the most effective way of producing energy next to burning coal. As long as the wind is blowing, the turbines will be spinning. They generate nearly as much power as coal, without any of the harmful carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. Wind technology is the single best candidate to provide a large percentage of our power needs in the future.

On the subject of turbines, another trend emerging is building sea turbines that capture the energy of water currents to generate power. This technology is being used in small scale situations all over the globe, and they are also generating power with no emissions. They are a little more complex than wind turbines, and they require more maintenance due to the corrosive nature of salt water.

Solar power is making a resurgence as a great renewable source of energy, however solar panels are still not cheap enough to be cost effective for general use. But, the great advantage of solar panels is how they only need sun to generate electricity, also with no emissions. There are huge solar farms found in the western United States, among other unpopulated areas in the world, and they are making a significant contribution. As solar technology develops, perhaps this source of power will be more widely used.

Since coal and natural gas are non renewable sources of energy, we cannot count on their availability for the long term power needs we share. Natural gas is a great and clean burning source of energy, but also very dangerous. Methane gas from decomposing matter in landfills burn the same as natural gas, and they are being developed and expanded to help fuel our power supply. Huge underwater pockets of methane have also been discovered all over the planet, and will be in use within the next twenty years or so.

Green power has exploded into the world stage in the recent past, and it will continue to become more and more integrated into our power hungry lives. More research will reveal how these technologies can be adapted to satisfy our ever increasing hunger for power.

Cheryl Kearns is an internet marketer and author. She writes about the environment and green issues . You can visit her site at environment

Show Your Customers Your Eco Convictions

With an environmental catastrophe in the Gulf taking over the news in recent weeks, at present more than ever, people from all backgrounds understand the massive environmental requirement for adjustments in our individual choices and cumulative behavior and also for companies’ organizational culture and dedication to our one and only Planet’s future. Similar to the way that smoking has basically been pressed away from indoor public spaces moreover why it is not socially tolerable to text or chat on the phone whilst driving, we have also practically arrived at the tipping point for cultural awareness when it comes to reducing, reusing, and recycling.

The public gets it, and the green movement will continue to swell rapidly. Every big company that’s not continuously analyzing its processes and procedures for eco friendliness will face a possible public relations nightmare as we move into the current decade and beyond. It’s absolutely essential for small business owners and big corporations to solidify their eco conscious reputation as well. Companies must always remember that consumers possess choices. While customers critique sustainability in their own lives, they’ll also be contemplating your business. It’s more important than ever to show these prospective clients your corporate steadfastness to green practices.

It is really easy to go green and sustain the environment. A common way for a company to go green is by initiating some sort of company recycling program in the office. As a matter of fact, the newest trend is to get rid of the need to recycle altogether whenever doable. Effortless green practices consist of having your employees and clients go paperless or handing out reusable stainless steel water bottles, reusable coffee mugs or recycled shopping bags to help lower the usage of disposables. An additional smart way is to simply remember to turn the lights and business equipment off when going home from the workplace. Individual circumstances will vary, however you will likely find that many areas do not make available open recycling possibilities for the community, nor do are they doing much to encourage citizens or corporations to go green as of yet.

If your business finds a way to execute sustainable and recyclable business methods and office culture, despite existing roadblocks, then do not hesitate to blog about it as well as brag about it in a press release, and tell the story of your company’s eco consciousness and commitment to the environment. Be an advocate to your neighborhood, and help take out the barriers to recycling, with the practice of thousands of businesses we could inspire millions of consumers to make shifts of their way of life producing epic and fundamental change. The additional efforts to look after our earth during this period will eventually be recognized, improving your organization’s reputation as an eco leader and pioneer.

You can also benefit by making going green an integral part of your advertising approach. Passing out eco friendly promotional products at trade shows and career fairs is a subtle means to produce a memorable experience and encourage eco consciousness and awareness of world-wide green matters. Trade shows and job fairs are an excellent example of where your company must stand out over the competition, and eco friendly custom bags are an effective way to do just that. Not only do you pass out a reusable item together with your company’s brand and insignia that stays with the prospect for a long time but you happen to be presenting your corporate sense and devotion with the usage of sustainable and recyclable items. In this lackluster economy, your business must be admirable and unforgettable in the eyes of each probable customer, vendor, colleague and even a talented candidate for employment. Generally, a final decision isn’t made on the spot, so you must stand out and forever stay in the prospect’s mind, customized recycled trade show bags made entirely of one use plastic water bottles is a cheap and sociably admirable marketing technique as well as an ideal way to leave a quality long lasting impact on your audience and our Planet’s fragile future.

Albert Jefferson is an accomplished writer discussing eco and sustainability issues and spreading the word to companies to utilize eco friendly promotional bags to promote both their brand and awareness for the environment.

Precisely How To Remain Eco-Friendly In Your Own Home

Going green is important for earth and for your health. There are many great things you can do for your home to make a greener living space. Six tips for a greener house!

1. Green Remodeling – Remodeling your home and being green can be a tricky task at hand. Be sure to use natural products for curtains and for furniture if possible when remodeling your home.

Hire local contractors that buy local products. The less the goods travel the more you save and the less gas and it takes to receive the goods. If you hire a painter make sure he buys from a local paint company. If you live in a cooler climate use dark colors and lighter colors in warmer areas.

It is hard to find untreated wood now but if you are lucky can find untreated timber close to home. Look for old houses and barns some people even tear them down and store the wood in the backyard. You might get lucky and find some beautiful naturally aged wood.

2. Weatherize – sealing your home is a good practice for saving energy and money.

A good way to test for cracks is using a flashlight at night and shining through the seals to see if you see any light. You can also apply sealant around window cracks and doors.

3. Cleaning up – It is a good practice cleaning your deck once a year of mold and mildew. A scummy deck can be dangerous and cause rotting and bowing in your wood.

Using natural soaps for dishes and your body is a good practice.

4. Shopping – Any time you shop, buying fresh produce, it is fantastic for your health and saves from wasting packaging.

Instead of buying sodas make tea or just drink water. Containers are good for food storage or for growing plants.

Buying and selling from auction sites is another great way to recycle.

5. Reuse & Recycle – Use bleach free toilet paper that is at least 80% post-consumer.

Instead of using paper napkins use cloth napkins. Build a mini recycling center in your home to separate your garbage.

6. Energy Conservation – Consistently turn the lights out when you’re not in the room and switch off exterior lights when you don’t require them.

Use energy-saving compact fluorescents instead of incandescent. You will see a huge difference in your power bill and you will also be emitting less pollution.

Water catch systems are proven valuable in many urban areas and has been implemented into green farms also. Catching your water is a great way store water for your garden and use when water levels are down.

Going green is a healthy lifestyle that is good for your soul and spirit. It often is passed on to others and easier to do than you think.

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Why Should People Recycle Paper?

Thankfully, paper is not a difficult material to recycle, and there are excellent benefits for the environment when the procedure is completed. Once it has been collected (by either your local authority or a recycling company acting on their behalf), it is taken to a paper mill, who take care of the rest of the recycling process.

Once at the mill, the scrap paper is added to water and then turned into pulp. The recycled paper is then screened, cleaned and de-inked through a number of processes until it is found suitable for papermaking. The final stage of the paper recycling process is for the pulp to be turned back into rolls of paper, which can then be used for newspapers, toilet rolls, etc.

So, now that you know how simple the recycling process for paper is, lets look at benefits that it brings…

Saves Trees – The less brand new (referred to as ‘virgin’) paper that is needed, the less trees have to be cut down. Vast areas have already been ruined as a direct of deforesting for paper, and this needs to stop as by doing so we are unbalancing eco-systems and the atmosphere.

Wildlife Preservation – More often than not, the wildlife that lives in the trees that are cut down to make ‘new’ paper, die quickly because they cannot adapt to living anywhere else. Recycling paper means that they can die natural deaths instead of forced ones.

Saves Space – Recycling paper reduces space in landfills. 1 ton of recycled paper made from scraps can save 3 cubic yards.

Less Pollution – Burning paper in waste incinerators pumps masses of pollution into the air. That means that we are unnecessarily causing the air that we all breathe to be of a lower quality.

Creates Jobs – Think about all the people who work within the paper recycling industry. Collectors, sorters and machine operators being just a few of them. The more that we recycle, the more of these jobs there will be created.

Paper Logs – Many people are now turning to paper logs as a supplementary fuel source. Consisting of tightly compressed briquettes of paper, these logs can be thrown on a fire or used in a wood burner to provide heat for free.

Cheaper Paper – Recycled paper is often cheap to purchase. Buying cheaper, recycled goods encourages more recycled goods to be manufactured, sustaining the recycling industry.

http://www.paperlogmaker.org.uk is a website dedicated to the recycling of paper. At their site you can find out what a paper log maker is and how it can help you recycle paper.

The Successful Green Business

by R Michael Richmond

We have entered a new period of environmental awareness. The right to assert a Green business status is not the same as brushing on a new coat of green paint. Unfortunately, there are simply too many companies claiming to be a Green business without actually earning their right to be a certified Green business. The idea of an authentically Green business demands that the aspiring Green business literally earn the Green credential through a process that has clear standards and compliance options rather than a mere Internet logo purchase.

To gain a proper perspective on the environmental issues before us, it is now well understand that we are a world in trouble. Our resources are at risk of depletion. Our air, water, and soil has been badly abused. And, we are facing the largest population in history that will soon swell to 9 billion people worldwide. With these facts threatening to destroy us and the generations to follow, making Green claims for your business should be more than token efforts and marketing hype that conceal the true nature of your company.

The Green Business League has set an industry standard when it comes to Green business, and their 100 point system allows everyone to participate. Moreover, the process is all-inclusive. you need not own the building or offer a product to get involved. You need only make a commitment to installing basic Green practices in your daily operation.

Marketing seems to be a license to make truth fit a given situation rather than making the situation fit the truth. Greenwashing bends, rips, and stretch the environmental benefits until they barely stand for anything. Regardless of the intent, there is a growing number of consumers who are asking whether companies promoting their Green virtues are honestly Green, or not. Too often, they are finding that they have been lied to, and they will abandon Greenwashed companies for ones that are authentically Green.

To be an authentically Green business, the changes need to be internal as well as showing only externally. It goes back to the saying, “If you are going to Talk the Talk, then you should Walk the Walk.” This seems to be self-evident except when it comes to marketing efforts. At that level, the truth is a common casualty because the business must survive and grow. Essentially, it has been acceptable to sacrifice Green on the altar of business opportunity.

Credible Green claims need to be backed by actual Green practices that are implemented in the daily operation of the business. When a business actually functions as a Green business, the dynamics change. Environmentalism requires universal participation rather than doing only the minimum required to make a Green claim. Since most people has limited knowledge on the subject, it is best to get the assistance of a certified Green consultant. The added benefits is a better Greening project, Green certification, and your business will save thousands of dollars in the process.

The intelligent way to pursue an authentically Green business. It is also the best way to launch a marketing campaign that will work. With growing awareness, Green businesses will attract a loyal group of environmentally-aware consumers. These people will go the extra mile and spend the extra dollar because they actually believe in the cause. Going Green will attract more customers and keep them coming back again and again. It does pay to be an authentically Green business in the growing marketplace.

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