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Solar Power FAQ's

1. Q. I live in an area where we get a lot of cloudy days. Is solar power for my home really worthwhile exploring?

A. Yes. You may end up needing more photovoltaic panels, or you might need to configure them differently, but there are very few places in the world where solar energy can’t be captured and either used to supplement existing power needs, or totally supplant it.

2. Q. Can I afford solar power?

A. Solar power energy systems remain somewhat higher than fossil fuel (coal, gas, oil) at the initial installation. The question may turn itself around to “Wow do you believe how much I’m saving with my solar power installation?” once you add up all the returns, like state and federal tax credits, rebates, net metering, and the money you won’t be paying…increasingly…to the utility company year after year.

3. Q. What is the difference between a solar hot water system and a solar power system?

A. Well, a solar hot water system is one component of a solar power system. It’s generally just a radiant hot water heater that in one of several ways captures sunlight and uses it to create hot water for your home. A solar power system, on the other hand, is a system that may consist of a solar panel array made up of photovoltaic (PV) panels, or a parabolic trough, or some other collection tool that uses the sun’s energy, converts it into electricity which you use to power your home in the same manner you would as if you were getting that electricity from the utility company.

4. Q. What maintenance do solar power systems require?

A. Very little. You’ll need to keep your collectors…photovoltaic (PV) panels, or whatever other collection system you have, free of debris, leaves and heavy snow. And that’s just about it.

5. Q. Is financing available for a solar power system?

A. Yes. It falls into the same arena as most other home improvement projects that are eligible for home equity loans. Check with your financial institution before you sign up, but since solar power systems add value to your real estate, most lenders are happy to help…assuming you have good credit of course.

6. Q. Do I need to consult a solar professional before I start?

A. That’s up to you. You can certainly proceed without one, especially if you’re willing to do a lot of research and develop a plan before you start. Often, though, having a professional pays big dividends in the end. They already know the mistakes you’re most likely to make, and can help you avoid them. Be sure to look for someone who’s been in the business for awhile and has a good reputation.

7. Q. Should I get more than one bid?

A. Several bids are almost always the best option. Not only can multiple bidders help you find the best price, they can also provide you with different installation options. Once you’ve made your selection of who to use, set realistic expectations on how long the work will take, and agree on exactly what you’re going to end up with. This can help to get your project completed when you want it done, and at the cost you are willing to pay.

8. Q. Will my photovoltaic (PV) system take up my whole roof?

A. This depends on how much power you need. For a 1000 watt system, you’ll need between 100-200 square feet of area (about the size of an average bedroom).

9. Q. What does net metering mean?

A. If you’re connected to a local utility, in most cases, they will install an additional meter that tracks how much energy you produce with your solar system, and how much you use during what hours. If you produce excess energy, it goes into the power grid and provides electricity for others. Your account is credited for this excess energy produced against any electricity you may pull from the utility grid.

10. Q. Am I really going to be making a difference in global warming if I move to a solar power system?

A. Yes, every little bit counts. Maybe you won’t see it today or tomorrow, but every person who’s not getting their power from a fossil fuel energy source is making a difference. When you consider 53,000 pounds of carbon dioxide is what the average American puts into the atmosphere every year with the fossil fuel energy they use, consider how much cleaner the air becomes when even one average American doesn’t put 53,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Yes…you can make a difference.

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American Wind Turbine Plans – Creating A Safer Future For Our World

The carbon emission of the U. S. had grown 0.8% year by year for the last quarter century. Now, this might not seem much, but this would amount to millions of tons of carbon discharges and it is due to this reason that American wind generator plans was put in with the requirement of reducing pollution done by power generation in the state.

In 2008, total of wind energy installed in the U.S. Overreached 8500 MW. Therefore, wind energy in America has been growing very strong. And yet, most “green groups” claim this rate of development in American wind energy is less than suitable and lobbies for bigger use of viable green energy.

In expanding the wind energy, the governing body had to face many difficulties. Most importantly is the issue relating to the expenses? Installing wind energy is quite pricey. Therefore, wind power is reasonably pricey and this has been one of the greatest problems.

Another problem is made by the birds when they immediately fly towards the rotor blades. Carrying the mandatory appliances has also been an issue as the meriting regions are quite remote. The kit also takes up a significant area. If this kind of power is to extend further, solutions would be found for these issues. At least for a couple of these problems, technical developments and advancements can offer answers.

One of the added advantages of this form of energy is that it has lead to job possibilities in agricultural isolated areas where work is tricky to find. Farmers can expand their incomes by leasing the land, and crops can be grown round the turbine, up to its terribly base. Therefore the wind energy should have been a God-sent opportunity to develop and radically change the agricultural America. The employment of this sort of power doesn’t have to be at the state level.

You can now enjoy the benefits of American wind generator plans through the use of a little wind machine that might supply adequate electricity to meet the requirements of a place.

Since the utilization of wind power has seriously increased in the country, many companies are now concerned in this sector. The potential for such power does look really good. Replaceable and supportable categories of alternative power or energy are the main elements in making a better potential for our world.

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The Price Of Solar Panels Is Declining

New research on the life expectancy of this new kind of renewable energy has helped decrease the cost of solar panels. It was once estimated that solar panels would last only about 20 years, but it has now been proven that models can last up to 30 years. This makes it a more appealing investment for homeowners who were hesitant because of the short life expectancy.

Environmentalists as well as policy makers are encouraging financial institutions to make available to homeowners the finances available to purchase and install solar panels because they are very cost efficient and will be able to repay for themselves with less energy consumption.

Across Europe, and even China, governments have been giving financial incentives for those private citizens who upgrade to solar energy. This, of course, has decreased the cost of solar panels and increased demand. India and the United States have incentive plans in the works but have yet to release and implement them.

Before, I mentioned how this type of renewable energy will pay for itself and here is why: the major expense of solar panels is the purchase of the actual equipment and its installation. The rest is almost free because you do not have to pay for the energy source.

The renewable energy industry, the solar energy field in particular, has very enthusiastic goals. These goals include making solar energy as cheap as the electricity we use today. The aim is to make Europe at least half dependent on solar energy as opposed to electricity grids by 2020.

Around the globe the demand for renewable energy is growing. More and more citizens of the world are becoming more conscience of the effects of our actions on the environment, increasing the demand for green energy. This demand will cut the cost of solar panels even further.

The cost of solar panel hardware is going down, so it is possible to get a cheap solar panel. Start using solar generated energy today!

Green Power Options Are The Future Of Energy

Our thirst for oil and other fossil fuels has brought us to the point where we are doing irreversible harm to our planet. We are also quickly realizing that we are running out of these non renewable resources. As the global economy continues to grow, a world fueled by green power is not far off.

As various green technologies continue to be developed, a few of them are already showing promise as serious contenders.

Green power has been around for a very long time, in fact windmills alone go far back in history. Only until recently have these innovative sources of power been taken seriously. Now, as more money is being invested into research, green power sources are being developed that will eventually contribute to how we fuel our need for energy.

One of the most cost effective ways of producing electricity is through the creation of wind farms. Windmills have been sources of power for hundreds of years, but only recently have they been seen as a reliable and stable source of power. Only three percent of the world’s power is supplied by wind turbines, but that number is growing exponentially as people discover how green this power source really is.

Wind technology is easy to manufacturer and install, and once in operation, they are also very easy to maintain. They provide the most effective way of producing energy next to burning coal. As long as the wind is blowing, the turbines will be spinning. They generate nearly as much power as coal, without any of the harmful carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. Wind technology is the single best candidate to provide a large percentage of our power needs in the future.

On the subject of turbines, another trend emerging is building sea turbines that capture the energy of water currents to generate power. This technology is being used in small scale situations all over the globe, and they are also generating power with no emissions. They are a little more complex than wind turbines, and they require more maintenance due to the corrosive nature of salt water.

Solar power is making a resurgence as a great renewable source of energy, however solar panels are still not cheap enough to be cost effective for general use. But, the great advantage of solar panels is how they only need sun to generate electricity, also with no emissions. There are huge solar farms found in the western United States, among other unpopulated areas in the world, and they are making a significant contribution. As solar technology develops, perhaps this source of power will be more widely used.

Since coal and natural gas are non renewable sources of energy, we cannot count on their availability for the long term power needs we share. Natural gas is a great and clean burning source of energy, but also very dangerous. Methane gas from decomposing matter in landfills burn the same as natural gas, and they are being developed and expanded to help fuel our power supply. Huge underwater pockets of methane have also been discovered all over the planet, and will be in use within the next twenty years or so.

Green power has exploded into the world stage in the recent past, and it will continue to become more and more integrated into our power hungry lives. More research will reveal how these technologies can be adapted to satisfy our ever increasing hunger for power.

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Solar Panels For Homes Are A Must For This Generation

It won’t take an expert to notice how the earth is suffering as of nowadays ; global temperature increases is seen everywhere, there’s the rampant of tremor which is happening today, there’s a grim heating taking place all around the world which resulted to several forest fires, and other unaccountable things that is occurring which lead to lots of trouble to several folks.Due to this, many are on the lookout for tactics on the way to help to reduce the damage done to the earth and the most effective possibility is to install solar panels for homes. The seriousness of installing one within the house is critical that everybody is inspired to do it but there are still some who are doubtful because they suspect that having one is like having huge unattractive woods on top of their roof. Well, this shouldn’t be the case because there are now solar panels for homes that truly look goodno matter if your place is inside the subdivision.

Over the years, the solar energy panel technology has shifted to become more effective and the neatest thing is that they’re less costly to install. Actually, installing one is less costly compared with the amount that you’re going to spare when having the standard power. So you’ll be guided whether you want one for your house, this text is going to talk about the 2 most common questions that folk would face relating to solar energy panels :

1. How do solar panels for homes work?

This panel is also known as the photovoltaic system that helps in converting sunlight to electric energy. It is created with solar cells that are made out of semiconductive material that normally comes in crystalline silicon, which is also the material that help absorbs light efficiently. In order to assist the work of solar collection to become more effective, it is usual for the top layer to be treated thus making it electrically negative while the bottom is electrically positive.

2. Can you really depend on these solar panels for homes?

Due to the incontrovertible fact that they can produce enough quantity of electricity that’s wanted to power up the house day in and day out, it is an excellent option to shift into this sort of energy compared with the typical type because this one will help you in ensuring that you are being a help to the environment while at the same ergonomic a lot with your finances.

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