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Positive Power of Principled Profit, December 2009

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Some exciting things! I’ll be speaking at ForumDavos, Davos,
Switzerland in February…Clean and Green Club is ready to launch
and you can be a charter member…this is the final month of the
sale on Principled Profit, with prices as low as $2.50 book in

Sorry to be late with this issue. Since this is the last
no-charge issue, we didn’t want to release it until the new
Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green and Clean and Green Club websites
were “open for business,” and the shopping cart was set up
to accept your newsletter subscription–thus allowing you to
continue to receive the newsletter without interruption, either
as a member of the Club or as a subscriber. We encountered some
technical problems with that, but it should all be working now.

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Reminder: last three days to pick up your deep-discount copies
of Principled Profit, and then they’re gone forever.  Buy cases
at just $4 per book, single copies at $11.95. We sold quite a
few at $17.50, so this is a great deal.

-> A Life-Changing $11.95 Gift for the Entrepreneurs in Your Life
A one-time deep-discount (minimum 32 percent) offer from now
through December 31 that WILL NOT be repeated, ever. And the
more you buy, the bigger the discount, all the way down to 77
percent, in case quantities. Your perfect chance to snap up inexpensive
but extremely valuable gifts for business owners, key staff,
colleagues, and customers.  This may be the perfect gift for the
entrepreneurs and marketers in your life, especially those
who’ve been hit hard by the recession. Imagine a roadmap to
business success that shows how to…
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-> Very Important: The Sustainability of My Newsletters-Please Read
Don’t panic-I’m not getting rid of the newsletters. But I
*am* changing the business model. Please read on for the reasons
why, the important details of what happens next, and how you can
participate most effectively for your own needs.
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-> Green and Ethical Marketing on Facebook
Please sign up for my new Facebook Fan Page, Green and Ethical
Marketing with Shel Horowitz,
– for links, discussions, and other goodies related to Green
and ethical marketing.

-> Positive Power Spotlight, December 2009: Marcal Manufacturing, LLC
Would you believe…a household paper products company that
switched to recycled raw materials in 1950, and has been
producing recycled paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, and
tissues ever since?
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-> Another Recommended Book: Dealing with the Tough Stuff
Every business faces challenge like revenue crunches, supplier
issues, personnel problems, and of coure, stress. For socially
conscious businesses, the challenges re multiplied by the need to
address these problems in ways consistent with the company’s
social and environmental commitment, even if that’s not the
easiest path.
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-> Hear & Meet Shel, December 2009
* Pioneer Valley Book Launch Event for Guerrilla Marketing Goes
Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet,
Broadside Books, Northampton, MA, 7 pm, Tuesday, January 26.
* I speak at the two-day Forum Davos conference in Davos,
Switzerland, February 9: “Communicate the Value in Your Values
and Turn it Into Sales: Effectively Marketing Your
Social/Environmental Commitment” (this is the same hall and
just after the world-famous Davos World Economic Forum, where
people like Bill Clinton speak–I’m extremely excited).
* Wednesday, February 24, 5 pm, I’ll be exhibiting my new book
and other goodies at the Amherst-Area Chamber’s Buy Local
Expo. Somewhere within ten miles of Amherst, MA.
* I’m attending Ryan Lee’s Continuity Summit, March 4-6 in
Stamford, CT, He’s not even
charging for the seminar, though of course, you’re on your own
with lodging. Last year’s conference was excellent, although a
bit high-pressure for my taste.
* March 24, I’m doing a teleseminar for Stacy Karacostas on
Green and ethical business success: stacy (at)
* April 25, I’ll be speaking on collaborating with a co-author
at the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference in
New York.
* May 8, I’ll be speaking once again on book marketing at CAPA
University in Hartford, CT (also in negotiation to speak at both
IBPA-U and Book Expo America later that month)
* Monday, February 22nd at 9:00 pm ET, 6 pm PT, I’ll be leading
another teleclass for Hilton Johnson’s organization (which means,
once again, you’ll be getting notices about his health coaching and
about the other speakers booked that month, which include T. Harv
Ecker). This time, my topic is “Create Value from Your Values.”

-> Friends Who Want to Help
* Eric Gruber is a true article marketing expert. He and his
clients get published regularly on my websites as well as on top
websites like He’s offering a very low price for his
Complete A to Z Article Marketing System: 7 different ebooks and
special reports that will take you by the hand and teach you
step-by-step how to write your way to  profits. Check out his
article system now at:
– and the free ebook waiting for you: “How to Build Your
Business with Articles in 6 Steps” – no purchase necessary!
* So you probably know that I make a good chunk of my living
writing press releases and other marketing materials. But even
though you’re much more likely to get press coverage with a
professionally written release, not everybody can afford that (or
sometimes, the deadline is too short). In those situations,
it’s good to have a swipe file.  For that purpose, I’ve long
been a fan of Paul Krupin’s *Trash Proof News Releases*: a
tool designed with one specific goal – to get you high-ROI
publicity in your target media. Use it as a model to provide the media
everything they need to run with the story using you and the
resources you’ve arrayed and meet their needs in today’s
fast paced environment and ever changing technologies. Last time I
checked, I still had a press release or two included.  Book page
to download Trash Proof News Releases Smashwords edition (no
cost, if I’m not mistaken):
* Liz Lynch has an EASY, fast and effective way to build your
network–online and offline: For
starters, she has 74  networking gifts for you in a special
limited time gift basket, no purchase necessary. I’ve looked
at her book and it’s solid, practical advice. Yes, you can find
similar wisdom scattered around the Net, but it’s nice to get
it all in one place.

Some of the opportunities mentioned pay a commission to Shel.
Shel maintains high quality standards for mention in this column,
and has either personally vetted the product, experienced
previous products of top quality from the provider, or mentions
in the write-up that he hasn’t seen it. Many products get
turned down if they don’t meet these criteria. If you’d like
to know if a particular program is commissionable, you’re
welcome to ask us.

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