The Ethical Business Pledge

Coming across Shel Horowitz and his sites and books about “marketing that puts people first” provided me with a boost to knowing I was doing something along the right track with

(Click here to buy Shel’s books from Amazon UK)

Everything on Shel’s sites, in his newsletters and articles applies to what I am trying to achieve with WiderWorldBusiness – earning an honest living off the internet with integrity and respect for other individuals, societies and cultures.

PREVENT ANOTHER ENRON. Help us work towards positive change in the business world by joining our campaign to change the way the world does business. We must make unethical business practices unacceptable.

You can succeed in the business world without dishonesty, greed, or unethical practices! I’ve committed to do business ethically and joined the campaign to share the message that ethical business is more effective and more profitable. Click here or click the logo to find out more.

Click here to read Shel’s articles on WiderWorldBusiness.

One response to “The Ethical Business Pledge

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely writeup of the Business Ethics Pledge. I’d thank you by name except that I can’t find a name anywhere on the site.

    Would you mind changing the URL, though? I gave the Pledge its own site a while back:

    Shel Horowitz, founder
    Business Ethics Pledge
    Signers in over 30 countries

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