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Show Your Customers Your Eco Convictions

With an environmental catastrophe in the Gulf taking over the news in recent weeks, at present more than ever, people from all backgrounds understand the massive environmental requirement for adjustments in our individual choices and cumulative behavior and also for companies’ organizational culture and dedication to our one and only Planet’s future. Similar to the way that smoking has basically been pressed away from indoor public spaces moreover why it is not socially tolerable to text or chat on the phone whilst driving, we have also practically arrived at the tipping point for cultural awareness when it comes to reducing, reusing, and recycling.

The public gets it, and the green movement will continue to swell rapidly. Every big company that’s not continuously analyzing its processes and procedures for eco friendliness will face a possible public relations nightmare as we move into the current decade and beyond. It’s absolutely essential for small business owners and big corporations to solidify their eco conscious reputation as well. Companies must always remember that consumers possess choices. While customers critique sustainability in their own lives, they’ll also be contemplating your business. It’s more important than ever to show these prospective clients your corporate steadfastness to green practices.

It is really easy to go green and sustain the environment. A common way for a company to go green is by initiating some sort of company recycling program in the office. As a matter of fact, the newest trend is to get rid of the need to recycle altogether whenever doable. Effortless green practices consist of having your employees and clients go paperless or handing out reusable stainless steel water bottles, reusable coffee mugs or recycled shopping bags to help lower the usage of disposables. An additional smart way is to simply remember to turn the lights and business equipment off when going home from the workplace. Individual circumstances will vary, however you will likely find that many areas do not make available open recycling possibilities for the community, nor do are they doing much to encourage citizens or corporations to go green as of yet.

If your business finds a way to execute sustainable and recyclable business methods and office culture, despite existing roadblocks, then do not hesitate to blog about it as well as brag about it in a press release, and tell the story of your company’s eco consciousness and commitment to the environment. Be an advocate to your neighborhood, and help take out the barriers to recycling, with the practice of thousands of businesses we could inspire millions of consumers to make shifts of their way of life producing epic and fundamental change. The additional efforts to look after our earth during this period will eventually be recognized, improving your organization’s reputation as an eco leader and pioneer.

You can also benefit by making going green an integral part of your advertising approach. Passing out eco friendly promotional products at trade shows and career fairs is a subtle means to produce a memorable experience and encourage eco consciousness and awareness of world-wide green matters. Trade shows and job fairs are an excellent example of where your company must stand out over the competition, and eco friendly custom bags are an effective way to do just that. Not only do you pass out a reusable item together with your company’s brand and insignia that stays with the prospect for a long time but you happen to be presenting your corporate sense and devotion with the usage of sustainable and recyclable items. In this lackluster economy, your business must be admirable and unforgettable in the eyes of each probable customer, vendor, colleague and even a talented candidate for employment. Generally, a final decision isn’t made on the spot, so you must stand out and forever stay in the prospect’s mind, customized recycled trade show bags made entirely of one use plastic water bottles is a cheap and sociably admirable marketing technique as well as an ideal way to leave a quality long lasting impact on your audience and our Planet’s fragile future.

Albert Jefferson is an accomplished writer discussing eco and sustainability issues and spreading the word to companies to utilize eco friendly promotional bags to promote both their brand and awareness for the environment.

Basics Of Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting deals with reducing the effects of greenhouse gas emissions by individuals or corporations caused either unknowingly or with awareness. In this system, you take measures to nullify whatever adverse effects your emissions have on the environment by stopping atmospheric pollution in some other place in the world. This way the total emissions across the globe will remain within prescribed limits, which will reduce the damage to the environment.

In theory, leading or participating in ecological campaigns in your locality, planting saplings in your backyard, or doing anything that will negate the harmful effects of CO2 and other toxic gases in the atmosphere, are good ways to practice carbon offsetting. Personal action is not always practical, and thus the carbon offset system was suggested, in which people who consider themselves guilty of polluting the environment can contribute money to an organization to compensate the damage done to the environment. Your money is then donated by the organization to companies running environmental projects.

Companies and governments play a lead role in carbon offsetting and under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol, the developing countries are generally paid by the more advanced countries for keeping the total rate of emissions within prescribed limits.

Sceptics believe that carbon offset fails to rectify the problem of the ecological harm that an an organization is responsible for. In both carbon trading and carbon offsetting, you just make a monetary compensation for your harm done to the environment without actually preventing it.

However, the supporters of theses systems argue that monetary incentives in carbon trading are adequate to motivate firms to adopt greener methods of carrying on business. Likewise, in case of ordinary people, a system like carbon offset permits them to promote their eco friendly image and spread awareness about this issue. People have been inspired to opt for carbon offset as several public figures have endorsed and embraced it. The success of the system is reflected in its fast growth over the last few years and most people now acknowledge the immense potential that it holds.

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Green Committee Training

One of the biggest problems for any business wishing to install a Green program is the lack of good information and the void of a clear plan for corporate Greening. There seems little question that every business will eventually become a Green business, but how to get there is a journey into the unknown with very little instruction. Appointing a Green officer within the business seems like a good idea, but what qualifies an employee to take on the duties of a Green officer or even to participate in a Green Committee?

Green officers should not merely be appointed, or fall into the job because of a “Better-than-Average” environmental aptitude. A Green officer should be like other valued duties in the company. These workers need to be informed, trained, and clear on how to accomplish their job. Unfortunately, this knowledge has not been previously available in the marketplace until now.

The body of knowledge required and the methodology of Greening a business is staggering. A Green business simply does not have the time and talent to install a Green program. The size of properly Greening a business defaults most businesses into the ugly position of Greenwashing. Greenwashing, or “Token Green” means that a company does the minimum possible to earn the Green title, but makes it sound like Green is a major effort.

The Green Business League has trained hundreds of Certified Green Consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada, and now does similar programs in other countries as well. The Green Business League is now offering Green Officer Training for anyone who is presently or hopes to be an in-house Green officer. Green Officer Training is offered in live two and a half day classes or online. The live classes are highly recommended whenever there is a choice.

Green Officer Training begins with the core elements of Green, Sustainability, Conservation, and Pollution. These four segments are actually the “Four Corners of Environmentalism.” The training program also covers global warming, carbon credits, indoor air quality, energy, waste, paperless office, and the Green Supply Chain as well other needful subjects. The course provides more than 250 pages of vital text and a large amount of important supporting information. The Green Officer Training is remarkable in its capacity to provide a broad array of on-target information in a well-prepared package.

Information gradually gives way to the practical side of a step-by-step process for Greening any kind of business. Unlike the LEED program, the business need not own the building. The business may rent, lease, or own the facilities. This is because the program is keyed on “Green Practices,” meaning the daily operation/function of the business.

Most attendees will be surprised to learn that Going Green will produce a potentially strong cash savings for any kind of business. Students will discover that the Green process will bring numerous efficiencies to their company. Greening a business actually includes a number of applications that will often save the company money, increase profits, and improve worker performance.

Ultimately, the Green Officer Training provides a clear path for Green business certification. All Green improvements carry a point value in this system. When a company reaches on hundred points, the company can apply for this trademark certification from the Green Business League/. Practically speaking, this training program offers a clear solution that cuts through the Greenwashing and mystery to allow company to be “Authentically Green” using a truly independent review and certification.

Every Green business needs to train a Green Officer to make the program effective. Avoiding Greenwashing is a very important factor in a marketplace that is full of Green Hype. Send your Green Officer to a two day training that will qualify them and teach them that Going Green saves the company a a lot of money. Green Business League is the leader in the Green Practices program.

The Successful Green Business

by R Michael Richmond

We have entered a new period of environmental awareness. The right to assert a Green business status is not the same as brushing on a new coat of green paint. Unfortunately, there are simply too many companies claiming to be a Green business without actually earning their right to be a certified Green business. The idea of an authentically Green business demands that the aspiring Green business literally earn the Green credential through a process that has clear standards and compliance options rather than a mere Internet logo purchase.

To gain a proper perspective on the environmental issues before us, it is now well understand that we are a world in trouble. Our resources are at risk of depletion. Our air, water, and soil has been badly abused. And, we are facing the largest population in history that will soon swell to 9 billion people worldwide. With these facts threatening to destroy us and the generations to follow, making Green claims for your business should be more than token efforts and marketing hype that conceal the true nature of your company.

The Green Business League has set an industry standard when it comes to Green business, and their 100 point system allows everyone to participate. Moreover, the process is all-inclusive. you need not own the building or offer a product to get involved. You need only make a commitment to installing basic Green practices in your daily operation.

Marketing seems to be a license to make truth fit a given situation rather than making the situation fit the truth. Greenwashing bends, rips, and stretch the environmental benefits until they barely stand for anything. Regardless of the intent, there is a growing number of consumers who are asking whether companies promoting their Green virtues are honestly Green, or not. Too often, they are finding that they have been lied to, and they will abandon Greenwashed companies for ones that are authentically Green.

To be an authentically Green business, the changes need to be internal as well as showing only externally. It goes back to the saying, “If you are going to Talk the Talk, then you should Walk the Walk.” This seems to be self-evident except when it comes to marketing efforts. At that level, the truth is a common casualty because the business must survive and grow. Essentially, it has been acceptable to sacrifice Green on the altar of business opportunity.

Credible Green claims need to be backed by actual Green practices that are implemented in the daily operation of the business. When a business actually functions as a Green business, the dynamics change. Environmentalism requires universal participation rather than doing only the minimum required to make a Green claim. Since most people has limited knowledge on the subject, it is best to get the assistance of a certified Green consultant. The added benefits is a better Greening project, Green certification, and your business will save thousands of dollars in the process.

The intelligent way to pursue an authentically Green business. It is also the best way to launch a marketing campaign that will work. With growing awareness, Green businesses will attract a loyal group of environmentally-aware consumers. These people will go the extra mile and spend the extra dollar because they actually believe in the cause. Going Green will attract more customers and keep them coming back again and again. It does pay to be an authentically Green business in the growing marketplace.

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