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$25K for the Greenest Family in NYC Tri-State Area–special from Shel Horowitz

For those of you reading this in the NYC Tri-State Area, PrincipleProfit author and ethical marketing guru, Shel Horowitz, pushed this my way so I’m pushing it your way!

I am always thinking of you, my readers–so when I saw this in this morning’s Help a Reporter, I stopped what I am doing to tell you about it. I know nothing about this other than what is below, but it certainly seemed worth passing on. If I lived in the Tri-State area and had kids the right age, I’d enter myself.

HARO is a no-charge service that sends reporter queries three times a weekday.
You can subscribe at www.helpareporter.com.

I suggest you respond with two or three bullets and a sentence or two about your qualifications – let them follow up later)–the faster the better.

Please respond to the reporter *using the address in the body of the request* (I wouldn’t mind being copied but if you only send to me, I won’t forward it) with HARO as the first word of the subject line.

Remember–I didn’t write this and can’t answer any questions about it. All I know is what’s below.

18) Summary: CASTING: How green is YOUR family?

Category: Entertainment and Media
Media Outlet: Anonymous
Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 8 December

How green is YOUR family? A NYC based media company is casting three families in the tri-state area to enter an eco-friendly challenge! We are looking for outgoing families who are comfortable on camera. Shoot dates will be mid-to-late January for two days in your home.

Here’s the deal! Each family will name one of their children (age 6-10) as team lead, and under the guidance of a green expert, each family will be asked to create solutions to (1) save water, (2) save energy, and (3) reduce waste at home, in their neighborhoods and in their schools. Each family will be compensated; however points will be awarded for each activity and the winning family will appear on Better TV and receive a $25,000 savings bond for their child’s college education.

Does your family have what it takes to win this challenge? Write a brief description explaining why, grab your favorite family photo, and submit to greenfamilycasting@gmail.com

Accurate Writing & More, 16 Barstow Lane , Hadley, MA 01035, United States

Save money with the Eaga ShowerSmart

To help you make savings, we’ve got together with Eaga to help give every home in the UK a FREE Eaga ShowerSmart device that works with non-electric showers.

Your Eaga ShowerSmart is great for your pocket, great for the environment and thanks to this government backed initiative, it won’t cost your household a penny!
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Create you own custom eBook for FREE – Great Wikipedia Resource!

I’ve just come across this great resource via The Social Media Guide. Did you know how easy it is to create an ebook with Wikipedia’s Free eBook Generator? Great idea for a personalised offer from your business or to your family and friends as it gives you the option to pay to have it printed and delivered.

Benefits To Using Reclaimed Building Products

Simply put, reclaimed building products are building materials that would otherwise end up in landfills if they were not recycled. When old buildings and warehouses are demolished much of that material can be reused, but more often than not it ends up in the dumpster. However, as our focus shifts into more environmentally friendly options in the way we live there are more and more companies reclaiming old building materials and making them into beautiful products we can use in our own homes.

What Type of Material is Reclaimed?

When a building is torn down everything you can imagine can get reclaimed. From the roof to the floor and everything in between it can be reused. Many of the products are in near new condition even though they have been in homes and buildings for years. Some of the more popular reclaimed products are:

Wood floors






Floor / Ceiling Beams

What are the Main Benefits to using Reclaimed Products?

Okay, the biggest benefit in using reclaimed materials is that you are being friendlier to our environment. Millions of board feet of flooring are reclaimed each year and reused. This would have ended up in landfills, resulting in more trees being cut down, had the products not been reclaimed.

Some other benefits include the character and charm that can come from a reclaimed product. Anybody can buy a wood floor, but not many people can have a wood floor that is over 100 years old and looks brand new – you can if you choose reusable flooring options.

This article is not intended to talk you into using only reclaimed products on your next remodel, but take a look at what is out there you just may find something you love that has less impact on the environment as well. Everybody wins!

Roberta is an eco-consultant who focuses on environmentally friendly home design. If you want more information on reclaimed flooring check out Roberta’s latest site: http://reclaimedflooring.net