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The Wolves of Haliburton Forest

In Central Ontario, Canada there is a wildlife refuge like no other. Haliburton Forest is the largest privately owned nature reserve in the area and it is a nature lovers paradise. It is a year round destination where people can paddle its lakes and streams, take a canopy tour above the forest or camp in the summertime and ice fish, cross country ski and dog sled in the winter. But it is a unique family that lives in the Haliburton forest that set it apart from other wilderness areas.

Witness and learn about the pack of wolves that live and roam freely on a 15 acre reserve set aside for them. This Wolf Sanctuary sits within 70,000 acres of protected hardwood forest at The Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve. There are a couple of other wild packs and lone wolves that roam the forest as well, but you will have a better chance of spotting these beautiful canines in their natural habitat at the viewing area for the pack of protected Grey Wolves. It is a long story as to why these wolves are protected dating back to 1977 in Pennsylvania.

The wolves are from photographer Jim Wuepper. He bought and raised two wolf cubs which eventually grew into a small pack. Not being able to take care of them any longer, the pack was transferred to Haliburton Forest in 1992, where their descendants have lived on in a natural environment.

The wolf centre is open year round and it is different with each visit. In the summer watch the wolves sun tan or in the winter watch them with their thick coats roll and play in the snow. It is not guaranteed that you will see wolves on each visit. They are free to roam anywhere they choose on the 15 acres, hover the viewing area is located at a place where the wolves like to relax. The viewing platform is a glass enclosure where you are asked to speak quietly. The wolves are kept from human interaction to give them as normal lives as possible.

Every few days the wolves are fed and you can watch this from the platform as well. See the staff bring out beaver or deer for the wolves to feast upon. The animals are road kill or brought in by local hunters and never fear, they are never fed live animals. However, the wolves tear them apart as if they were fresh kill.

The feeding is where you really see the hierarchy in action. The Alpha Male eats first and is in charge of the entire pack. He and the Alpha female are the top of the food chain with the Beta male closed behind. The Omega wolf is the last to eat having to scavenge for leftovers. The omega suffers greatly in the pack, constantly being picked on by the other wolves and it is shunned by them as well. The rest of the pack is tight and plays leisurely while the omega spends its time alone.

Being true to a reserve setting. The wolf centre does not get involved. The wolves are left to live their lives as they would in the wild and it is not the humans responsibility to save the Omega. This would disrupt the pack and its entire system. Everything has a purpose, even the omega wolf. Eventually the omega will go off by itself to die, or as in some previous instances, it will be euthanized by the staff due to being too far along. And then the cycle will continue and in time, the Beta Wolf will challenge the Alpha Male and take over the group. A new omega will eventually fall to the bottom of the pack and the family will have an entire new hierarchy.

The centre is trying to educate the public about wolves as well. People have hunted wolves for decades out of fear and yet there is now concrete evidence of a healthy wolf killing a human being. In folklore the notion of the big bad wold has been perpetuated, but in actual fact, the wolf is more afraid of a human than we are of them. They avoid us at all costs. If there ever has been attacks it has usually been from a rabid wolf or a hybrid wolf dog mix.

The cost of visiting the wolf centre at Haliburton is $9.00 and you can stay for as long as you like looking at the displays and learning about the wolves. Haliburton is located right next to the famous Algonquin Park and you can spend days exploring the wilderness and surrounding area. If you are lucky you may spot a moose or bear and you are bound to see many loons, deer and great blue herons. There are several options for accommodations, bring your own tent and camp or stay in one of the many northern resorts or B&B’s. So take the time to explore central Ontario, there is a great beauty waiting to be explored.

Deb Corbeil and Dave Bouskill are a travel couple from Canada. They have trekked, hiked, biked and climbed to around30 countries all aroundthe planet. Click on their website for more tips, advice and information on travel and adventure destinations. To see their photo gallery visit

Positive Power of Principled Profit, August 2009

–> Positive Power Spotlight:
How’s this for a mission statement (transcribed from the cheery video by the head of customer service, right at the top of the home page): “To help you find the most effective products to make your house most efficient.” The same video offers a great guarantee: “If you aren’t satisfied with anything you buy from us, we’ll replace it, refund your money, or work with you to make it right. We as a company, and I personally, are committed to you being 100% thrilled with us.”
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–> My Quandary = Your Opportunity
You might have heard that the rights to my award-winning sixth book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, got picked up by John Wiley & Sons, and it forms the basis for my eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson). The new book will include all but, I think, two chapters of Principled Profit, plus some 20-25,000 words of new material. Wiley will publish it in 2010. I’m especially proud of this because, following an e-mail introduction by one of Wiley’s business authors, I landed the deal and negotiated the contract myself. But my problem is… my contract with Wiley forces me to stop selling Principled Profit by the end of this year. And I still have quite a few left. This was a groundbreaking book when it came out–one of the only voices showing that ethical business not only made good moral sense, but good business sense as well. While there are more resources in this area than there used to be, it’s still really hard to find this sort of solid, practical advice on both the theory and the implementation, in a nice, easy-to-read format that anyone can put into practice. So I’ve got a deal for you! Want a copy for yourself? Take $5 off the original $17.50 price. Visit to order this remarkable book. Just visit and enter the code,GET5OFF. You’ll also receive my two newest e-books free with your purchase. Get all the details here:

–> New Web Portal Puts All of Shel’s Stuff in One Place
Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: have a single page that lets people sort themselves out according to what you’re looking for and how I can help. With over a dozen websites, it was getting pretty complicated. This page starts with several options for types of services, continues to a website directory, and then has a bio and contact options. Would love to hear what you think of it.

–> Hear & Meet Shel
*If you’re in Western Massachusetts and want to see some amazing art, my stepfather, Michihiro Yoshida, is having another one-man show at the Burnett Gallery, Jones Library, Amherst. I’ll be at the reception the evening of September 3. He’s painting up a storm!

* Paulette Ensign’s Publishing Prosperity Mastermind is another high-value, low-cost teleseminar series that’s already started, and again, you get all the recordings. I’m speaking on September 10 on “Frugal, Ethical, and Creative Book Marketing-By the Book, Or By the Boxcar”

* “How and Why to Green Your Work Life,” GreenWorks: Green Career and Job Development Symposium, Friday, Sept. 11, 2009, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven (and there’s a Green Expo/Folk Festival the next day at Edgerton Park). I’m on a two-person panel, and I’ll be focusing on the “Why” part–the Principled Profit rationale. I’ll also have a table at both events. Stop by and say hi.

* Friday, September 18, interviewed on Business Ethics and Marketing by Ike Engelbaum on his Entrepreneurship American Style radio show.

* Tuesday Sept 22, 5 pm ET/2 pm PT, Allison Nazarian and I will host a call with the amazing George Kao, a social network trainer who has forgotten more than most of us know. I’ve been marketing seriously via social media since 1995, and it’s been my primary source of clients all the way back to 1996. And yet, I learn so much from listening to George that I not only sat in on three of his calls in the last two months, but also made a point of seeking him out for a dinner meeting when I was in San Francisco. This call is so important, and you will learn so much, that I’m going to send a special note about it. If you only pick one teleclass to attend in the next few months, make it this one. Sign up at

* Wednesday, September 23, I’m doing a class for Hilton Johnson’s Global TeleClass organization, “The Magic Triangle: Turn Ethics Into Powerful Success.” This is an experiment, and as part of my contract, I have promised to send out a series of three solo mailings: two about their HealthCoach training and one about my program (which I think also mentions the other programs for the month). So even though you don’t usually get solo mailings from me, be aware of these.

* Guest on Kim Smith’s Blog Talk Radio show, “Introducing Writers,” Wednesday, October 14, 8:30 pm ET/5:30 PT (book marketing).

–> Friends Who Want to Help
* Dr. Mani’s New Book Benefits Child Heart Patients: Remember my friend Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, India-based pediatric cardiac surgeon, e-book author, and Internet entrepreneur? He’s about to release his first physical book: Think, Write & Retire!–and all profits will go to funding heart surgery for needy children.

* Author 101 University: Rick Frishman is doing another Author101 University, Oct 30 & 31 in Las Vegas.

Some of the opportunities mentioned may pay me commissions. If you’d like to know if a particular program is commissionable, you’re welcome to ask us.

–> Another Recommended Book: Tipping The Point, by Tom O’Brien
As I complete six years of writing this column, I believe this is the first time I’ve reviewed an e-book instead of a physical book. Not only that, but an e-book with a absurdly low price of $9.95 US. I’ve seen a lot of those, and the vast majority I’d never recommend. They tend to be shallow, fluffy, and to exist only to upsell various other offers. Tipping the Point is different. It has far more practical value than many e-books I’ve seen at five or even ten times the price. Basically, it’s a quick-start guide to viral marketing, using integrity and ethics–and incorporating many examples…
Note: There are two volumes in Tipping the Point. Volume 1 is free and you can download it from this link. Volume 2 is available for $9.95 with the “add to cart” button on the same page.

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