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Hybrid Cars vs. Conventional Cars

Today, the question on everybody’s mind is, what is the significant difference between a hybrid car and a conventional vehicle? They suppose that there has to be some good reason why people are asking themselves whether hybrid cars are worth the cost and checking their wallets and bank accounts to see whether they have enough money to get a hybrid car.

There has to be a decent reason why some people wouldn’t dream of spending their hard-earned money on a hybrid car because they feel their conventional car takes them wherever they have to go just fine. Here are some of the reasons why someone might decide on a conventional car over a hybrid car.

Hybrid cars are much more expensive than conventional cars: because hybrid cars have a complex internal design, they do still have a fairly hefty price on them, although, conventional cars, which have become more efficient as the years have gone on, are quite affordable these days. Many people are selling their older conventional cars in favour of newer, more efficient versions.

In fact, they are so inefficient, in comparison, that some people even give their old cars away. However, since a large percentage of the general population has never owned a hybrid, there aren’t many people selling used hybrid cars yet. Therefore, a person looking to buy a hybrid would probably have to purchase a new one from a car dealership.

Both a hybrid car and a conventional car use similar types of batteries: a hybrid car and a conventional car both use lead acid batteries that hold enough energy to power a small electric motor. These batteries are what you call “gear reduced”. That means that they can turn over this motor at approximately 300 rpms. Torque is generated to turn over the engine and the entire process is what starts the main engine.

However, even though a hybrid car uses a lead-acid battery, the battery it uses to drive the car’s electric motor is of a different construction entirely. This kind of battery is known as a ‘deep cycle battery’ and it can be compared to the batteries that are used to move electric fork-lift trucks, some milk floats or golf carts.

That’s the main difference between a hybrid car and a conventional car. One person might choose a hybrid car because it makes them feel more secure. For example, if a person buys a hybrid car, they can feel secure because their car will be less likely to run out of fuel. Another person might choose a conventional car because the price of fuel doesn’t really bother them that much at all.

Furthermore, a conventional car provides security as well. With a conventional car, a person can be assured that they will always be able go to a junkyard, if they need to and find old parts for their car. On the other hand, those with a hybrid car might have to pay some pretty pricey repair receipts if something goes wrong.

However, the final decision remains all yours. There are certain risks involved with both kinds of cars. But those who like to try out new things might just consider splurging out on a new hybrid car.

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Why Should People Recycle Paper?

Thankfully, paper is not a difficult material to recycle, and there are excellent benefits for the environment when the procedure is completed. Once it has been collected (by either your local authority or a recycling company acting on their behalf), it is taken to a paper mill, who take care of the rest of the recycling process.

Once at the mill, the scrap paper is added to water and then turned into pulp. The recycled paper is then screened, cleaned and de-inked through a number of processes until it is found suitable for papermaking. The final stage of the paper recycling process is for the pulp to be turned back into rolls of paper, which can then be used for newspapers, toilet rolls, etc.

So, now that you know how simple the recycling process for paper is, lets look at benefits that it brings…

Saves Trees – The less brand new (referred to as ‘virgin’) paper that is needed, the less trees have to be cut down. Vast areas have already been ruined as a direct of deforesting for paper, and this needs to stop as by doing so we are unbalancing eco-systems and the atmosphere.

Wildlife Preservation – More often than not, the wildlife that lives in the trees that are cut down to make ‘new’ paper, die quickly because they cannot adapt to living anywhere else. Recycling paper means that they can die natural deaths instead of forced ones.

Saves Space – Recycling paper reduces space in landfills. 1 ton of recycled paper made from scraps can save 3 cubic yards.

Less Pollution – Burning paper in waste incinerators pumps masses of pollution into the air. That means that we are unnecessarily causing the air that we all breathe to be of a lower quality.

Creates Jobs – Think about all the people who work within the paper recycling industry. Collectors, sorters and machine operators being just a few of them. The more that we recycle, the more of these jobs there will be created.

Paper Logs – Many people are now turning to paper logs as a supplementary fuel source. Consisting of tightly compressed briquettes of paper, these logs can be thrown on a fire or used in a wood burner to provide heat for free.

Cheaper Paper – Recycled paper is often cheap to purchase. Buying cheaper, recycled goods encourages more recycled goods to be manufactured, sustaining the recycling industry. is a website dedicated to the recycling of paper. At their site you can find out what a paper log maker is and how it can help you recycle paper.

Go Green By Sharing

Are you constantly thinking about ways that you can go green? If so, there is something simple you can do to help – sharing. You probably never have thought of that before, but often we purchase things that we never use again. Instead of keeping them around or throwing them away, sharing them is a great way to go green.

Too many people purchase items and just use them a couple of times. Sure, the companies benefit from this, but the environment definitely doesn’t benefit from it. If you’re like most people, you probably have tools, and some other items, at your home you haven’t used in months or even years.

You’ll find that sharing services exist today. They are a lot like libraries. You can borrow different tools and gardening implements as well. The tools are donated to the service or they may be loaned. Then the members of the service can check them out for a period of time. This is a whole lot like using a library to take out books for a time.

Most of the time you’ll find that the membership is free or very cheap. There are neighbors and community groups that come together and organize these types of services. This way tools that people won’t use again can get some more use in the future.

Try looking around in your area to find out if there is a tool sharing service or other sharing options in the area. If you don’t have a local one, you may want to consider starting one yourself. If you decide to do this, make sure you do your research before you start it up.

There are definitely some pitfalls to avoid when you start up a sharing service. You probably will want to avoid using tools in the service that take a lot of repair on a regular basis or tools that are very delicate. You don’t want to have to constantly service tools that you are loaning out.

Maybe starting a sharing service isn’t your thing. You can still help. Considering donating your tools to a service in your area or donating other items that you never use anymore. This will allow you to give your tools to someone that will use them so they don’t just sit idle. It keeps them out of the trash as well.

You can go even further than just sharing the tools you have. Other sharing options are available for you to get involved in. Many communities have special vegetable sharing programs for people who have gardens to benefit everyone.

It’s easy to see that you can share items and work on saving the environment at the same time. Don’t just throw items away or put them in storage after using them once. Instead you can go green and share. It’s a nice thing to do for others and it’s definitely a great choice for our environment.

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Aeroturbines For Generating Energy – New Technology Solving Windmill Problems

If you live in in Holland, it is nothing new to see wind mills and wind turbines of old and new technology. This is partially because they have a constant resource, wind.

A new kid on the block is coming our for regions where steady wind is not an abundant, nor a perpetual source. This advancement in wind turbine technology is called the aeroturbine.

Windmills or wind turbines are fantastic for very windy areas of the world. Cities and towns near oceans do quite well with regard to harnessing wind energy to turn into electricity. The aeroturbines however, have addressed some of the problems with windmill engineering. The noise that has been generated is greatly reduced significantly, and these new models all but eliminate any threat to birds which often fall victim to the gigantic blades of the wind turbine.

With the wind turbine, there is also the issue of harnessing wind on the top of high buildings. They cannot be placed here due to the of the enormity of the systems as well as the cost involved.

This new design is a double-helix wind turbine. This has been designed to be placed on the tops of tall buildings to glean energy from the wind. The propellers are different from the large blades of turbines. They are some what like the electric egg-beater if you were trying to describe the look of the propeller to someone. They are harmless for birds, can harness wind from many directions, and unusual gusts will still be useful for the generation of energy.

These units are not expected to be high maintenance and a large selling feature is that they are cost effective and ease of production. Also, aeroturbines are not be inhibited by snowfall. This will make them valuable in areas where snow is a major factor most of the year. A wind of around 6 miles per hour will start one generating and there is no need for a uninterrupted wind. Aeroturbines also have a characteristic which will regulate them during high winds should the turbine begin going into over-speed mode.

Aeroturbines can be set up to be integrated with solar PV (photovoltaic) systems. They are able to be installed vertically or horizontally. This means they can be integrated easily into any existing structure. The efficiency will depend on how high above ground they are, forty feet is the recommended height and they should not be in the vicinity of anything that will obstruct the wind.

Aeroturbines should be for sale presently for all types of applications, homes, industries and institutions, etc. It will be awesome to see this new engineering implemented all over the world to help move towards cleaner, renewable energy sources.

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