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Selling or surfing in the global wider world business economy means speaking to communities all over the world.  The internet includes the World Wide Web but hitting your targets invariably requires “backyard” knowledge which goes much further than linguistic considerations. It really is “When in New York, LA, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, Rio, Casablanca, do as the New Yorkers, Los Angelinos, Romans, Parisians ……

Being able to reach so many communities brings a responsibility to those communities which is the challenge of global business.  In the words of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), “Business is not divorced from the rest of society. How companies behave affects many people, not just shareholders. A company should be a responsible member of the society in which it operates.”

For WiderWorldBusiness, I believe that “companies” should read “companies and individuals” and that “the society in which we operate” is now the world.  The internet brings amazing opportunities to companies and individuals but with those opportunities comes great responsibility.

I know what I mean by Wider World Business but what does it mean to you? Why not leave your thoughts by clicking here.

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Please click here to contact me direct

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